Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 21 - Siblings

I'm thankful for siblings!
 I have three amazing brothers.  They make me laugh.  Of course as a kid, they made me cry.
 I have a sister that I shared a lifetime of giggles with when we were kids.  We would put on records in my room and dance a polka and pretend to ice skate.  I played a lot of  Barbies and Little People with her.
 As adults, we are friends and I love being with them.
 We played a game called "Pig Pen" when we were little kids.  We would tip the kitchen chairs on their sides and use the space as a feed trough.  Then somehow, one of the "pigs" would escape and the farmer would have to round up his pigs.  We played it a lot.  
We are all level-headed enough to not have any bad feelings over any of the decisions our dad made at the end of his life.  He didn't split his assets equally and I don't think any of us ever questioned that.  I, for one, told my dad years ago to spend all his money except what he needed for a funeral.  He didn't have enough time to do that.  He left us each something that we didn't expect but were grateful for.
I'm thankful that there were no hard feelings or fighting.  I've got some of the best! 

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