Monday, February 10, 2014

My Mom and Her Family

 February 11th is the day my grandma gave birth to my mom.  Not a sappy post today.  Just some pictures I found tonight that I thought I'd share with my family.  I give you what I know about each one...which isn't much.  Enjoy the photos and trip down memory lane.  They are in no particular order.
 Obviously Diane's wedding.  The guy on the right is John Pevonka (whoever that is.)

 Looks like she's at "The Rock."
 Summer 1954
 Hiding behind a pillar?  I have no info.
 My grandparent's 40th anniversary.  I love this picture even though it is way off center.
 Mom and baby Bruce

 Grandma Otto, Marge Schwartz, Mom, Grandpa O and Herb Schwartz
I LOVE Grandpa's suit and hat.  I wonder what the occasion was.
 No clue on an age.  Perhaps 14ish?
 Diane's wedding again.
 Mom and Dad's wedding.
 A trip to Utah.  I believe August 1982.
 Mom, Ibie and Rover About 1942
 Diane and Mom in Summer 1938
 Tim was the baby so whenever he was about two.
 Mom and Dad's wedding with both sets of my grandparents.  How much does my dad look like his father?
 Dad, Mom and August Dey on the porch at the farm.
 I'd say the one standing by my mom is Stan.
 Not a clue when or where but the back of the photo reads, "Won't Carol like this when she's grown up."
 At the Pederson home.  About 1965 or 1966.  Can't tell if Mom is pregnant or not. 
 My parent's wedding on Aug 30, 1958
 Graduation in 1955
 The entire family in 1969.
 The Grosskopf siblings with Grandma Frieda. I see June so much in her mother.
Without these two amazing people my mom wouldn't have existed.  Grandpa died much too early for my liking.  I love seeing photos of him.  My grandson Brock was wearing some striped bib overalls a few weeks ago and it reminded me of Grandpa Otto.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Dad's Birthday

 On January 30th, my dad celebrates his birthday.  I have been blessed with a very loving, kind, generous man for a father.  I work one day each week for him as Rosy likes a day off each week.  I've been doing this for probably 10 years.  I don't recall when exactly he hired me to be the fill in office help.  At any rate, my usual day has been Wednesdays.  This week, Rosy had an appointment on Thursday so asked if we could switch days.  Not a problem.  I decided I would make dinner for the guys in honor of my dad's birthday.  I made Indian tacos which went over very well.  In fact, on Friday afternoon, Dad called to thank me for making a delicious lunch and sharing it with him and his employees.  I can't buy him anything that he can't get for himself, so I usually make something that he appreciates for my gifts to him.  A loaf of bread or something else he loves and appreciates and doesn't do for himself. 

Here is a few photos of him in no particular order.  Love his smiling face!
Mom and Dad in 1986.
 September 2011
 I loved watching my parents dance.  They took lessons when I was a teenager.  This was my wedding reception January 1983.
 Our wedding day. January 11, 1983
 Kurt and Tina's wedding day.  July 31, 1981
 Christmas Eve 1982
 Senior Picture.  Class of 1955
 Ground breaking for the Chicago temple.  Early 80's.
 Mid 70's.  I remember this Sunday morning.  My mom took a picture of each of us.  I was about 13 and going through a really awkward (just plain ugly) phase. 
 Mid 70's at the Sleger farm.
 Mom and Dad's wedding day.  August 30, 1958
 Tony's farewell for his mission.  About 2004.
 On a trip to the West.  Mid 70's
Dad and Jerry Bents.  I am unsure of when this was taken or even where.
 Dad serving as the district president.  Mid 80's.  Both of these wonderful friends of his have been gone for some time.
Summer 2013 
Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I could not have been blessed with a more wonderful man for my daddy than Butch Hoffman.  I don't ever recall him raising his voice to me.  He taught me to work and between he and Mom, I always had plenty of chances to learn how.
Bonny gave him a plaque that says,
"Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy."
I agree.
Happy 76th Dad!


I am blessed to be able to see miracles in my life.  Sometimes I am on the receiving end as well.  On Monday night my sinuses were stuffed up.  Tuesday during the day they weren't bad but as soon as I layed down in the evening, they started draining.  Yucky.  I propped myself up and slept somewhat better but when I got out of bed in the morning, I knew I had a sinus infection.  I despise going to the the doctor in order to get antibiotics for healing purposes.

Wednesday morning I sat up and tried to let things drain.  My sweetie asked if I wanted a blessing.  I figured it couldn't hurt so I exercised some faith in the healing power of Christ via the priesthood.  I put in a good day and by evening I knew I was going to be able to sleep without the tossing because of the plugged sinuses.  No medication, no doctor visit.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the miracle of healing in my life.  It isn't the first time I have had a miracle of healing and I am sure it won't be the last.