Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coaching Again

Tom has been involved in Special Olympics for quite a few years.  We've always had great volunteer/parent coaches.  The athletes favorite sport is Bocce Ball.  They all participate and love it! I've wanted to be a coach for some time but the opportunity to be trained was never convenient.  It was an in person all day kind of thing that was always somewhere far away.  

Our Bocce coaches hung up their coaching duties last Fall.  I decided I needed to get trained.  These days it is a lot easier to get trained.  Just go online and take a test.  It's the kind of test that if you get a question wrong, you go back and find the right one.  You can't move on until you have the correct answer.  Do the test and voila, you are now a coach!

Pat and I have taken over coaching the 2 Bocce teams.  We split them up by gender this year rather than by scores.  The male team is Lightning and the female team is Girl Power!  Last week we had our scrimmage and both teams did fantastic!  They both won both of their games.  

So here I am, back coaching again.  This time the practices are once a week and very fun compared to making the athletes work hard like in high school.  I'm having a good time.