Friday, June 26, 2009

More Yogi

More pictures of our camping trip. We finally found Yogi. The weather was so hot and humid that we really lived in the pool. Cami is already asking to go camping again. That's our baby!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping with Yogi Bear in Fremont

Our first camping trip of the year. For the past few years it has been only 1 per year as our children are old enough to have jobs and the meshing of schedules is nearly impossible. This year we planned a trip and then realized it was so close to Clare's due date that we shouldn't be too far away. We decided to bring Cami with us so that eliminated the problem of Clare not having a sitter should she need one.

When the girls were younger they had opportunities to bring their friends along camping. Andrew never had that chance although his friend (Timmy) usually camped with us. At any rate, I told Andrew he could bring a friend and he chose Tim. It didn't take Cami long to decide that Timmy is the new best buddy. For some reason she loves Andrew's friends and Tim is no exception. She constantly asked "Where's Timmy?" while we were in the pool.

The pool was heated so it was warm enough for me and Cami never got blue lips. She alternated from the kiddie pool, where she shed the tube, to the big pool.

Cami liked jumping in the water as long as someone was assisting. She got a lot of water up her nose through the course of the afternoon/evening.

We took a break from swimming long enough to have something to eat. The meal was simple. Sandwiches, kool-aid coolers and chips. With this heat who wants to cook? We're having a great time relaxing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiet Mornings

Our summer vacation officially began last week but I was so busy that I didn't notice. This week, though, is much different. Erin began her summer job so she was out of the house by 7:15. Andrew also began a summer job in which he'll be working about 3 hours a day for my uncle Dan at the Transit. He was so nervous about talking to Dan about the job that he was up yesterday morning about 3:30 and couldn't sleep. He was anxious about "getting the job." Little did he realize he already had "the job." At any rate, with both of them gone each morning and Sammi sleeping in late or going to work, the house is pretty quiet. Tom doesn't make much noise and sometimes he's gone to work with his dad.

Some happy news around here includes the fact that the neighbor's dog is finally gone. Kim and I no longer have to walk and feed the critter and clean up after him. I think taking care of someone else's pet for 16 months is above and beyond the call of duty. Baby Adam should be showing up at any time now. Now that's exciting! Youth Conference is this week so Pat and I will be attending which is always fun. We're also headed to St. Paul on Saturday for a special appointment as well as taking in a session at the temple. I guess that makes the end of the week a lot busier than my quiet beginning.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Baby Girl

It's been a very busy and fun week for us with Erin. High school seniors sure can lead their parents to a busy life. On Thursday evening we attended the athletic banquet where Erin won numerous awards. Here she's receiving the Team's Choice award from her basketball coach. She also won co-MVP in volleyball (with Allyssa) and co-MVP in track (with Whitney). She also won a few other senior awards but the most impressive being Athlete of the Year. It's funny cause I won that award 29 years ago. Seems like it was just yesterday?
Tuesday was the Regional track meet which kicks off the tournament series. She placed 2nd in the high jump in Suring which moved her on to the Sectional meet in Marathon. On Friday she placed 4th which is enough to move her on to the state track meet in LaCrosse on Friday. She'll be joined by team mates Whitney (100m dash), Nick (400m dash) and Tom (800m run).
Following the Sectional track meet, we rushed back to Gresham so Erin wouldn't miss her high school graduation. We missed about the first 10 minutes. She didn't have to walk in which was just as she wanted it. Here is a picture of Erin and me with the head track coach Mr. Davis. I've never seen him so excited in the 2 years I've known him.
Erin receiving her high school diploma from Mr. Keary Mattson.
Of course mom and dad with our baby girl after the graduation ceremony. She and I attended the all night chem-free graduation party at school. I'm still tired after all of that. Last evening we had seminary graduation in Wausau. I officially have no children enrolled in seminary. One year off before Andrew starts. But, I still have to go to teach. I got my materials yesterday. I look forward to teaching next year's curriculum as it is The Book of Mormon.