Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Elder Pleshek

It is unbelievable to me that our son has been serving the people of Utah for 21 months already. Where did that time go?  It seems we just dropped him off and he will be coming home in less than 4 months!

He was able to chose if he wanted to come home on June 28th or August 9th.  He chose August.  Then with the change in the time native speakers spend in the MTC from two to three weeks, he got an extra week.  His 24 month mission just changed to a 25 month mission.

He loves it so much so how can I feel bad that he won't be home seven weeks earlier.  This is a once in a lifetime experience for him.  I'm so proud of the man he has become.  I know he still has his quirky sense of humor that makes him look like a teenager. But then, don't we all have something that we do that makes us seem less mature.  After all, he's a guy and he's only 20.
 This podium is a replica of the one in the Conference Center.  You can see it in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.  I'm glad he was able to go through that museum.  It's incredible!
 Here he is with Elder Paul.  They teach this gentleman named Bruno.  He is from Cameroon and is a native French speaker.  He wants to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and they thought it be best if he learned in both English and French.  Therefore, he is being taught on Temple Square once each week by both sets of missionaries.
Andrew was able to teach Li (red tie) the new member discussions. They got to be very good friends.  Li (from China) just received his mission call.  He will be going to Australia in August.  This group of people went to the temple with Li prior to his going back to China.
 I think this tiny kitten picture was sent just for Tom.
Last July, the Central mission was dissolved and Andrew was assigned to labor in the West mission.
This group was able to tour the North Visitor's Center on Temple Square.  I love this statue!  Even though the square isn't within his mission boundaries, these missionaries are allowed to leave to utilize this amazing place to bless the lives of those whom they are teaching
This is Tim.  He came to church one day and asked what he needed to do to be baptized.  Andrew and his companion had the privilege of teaching him.  He asked Andrew to perform the baptism.  What a precious memory for him.
There are few Culver's outside of the immediate Wisconsin area.  There is one in Utah that all the missionaries who live there always find.  Andrew is no stranger to the place as there is one only 20 miles from our home.  Still, a treat that he got to go.
There were some sick Sister missionaries and Elder Pleshek to the rescue bringing them things that they needed to feel better.  He is serving as the district leader and caring for his flock.  He says they're crazy but they're his crazies.  I love that he has taken ownership of his responsibilities.  His maturity is showing.
August 16th, here we come!

The Wizard of Oz?

We had a Relief Society birthday party in March.  I was asked to be the Tin Man (Woman).  I was supposed to tell the sisters about having a heart.  I went about it from the perspective of "If I only had a heart."  Oh the things I could do!  I could go to a sister's baptism or sit with another as she was injured and off work.  I could and I did but what more could I do if I had a heart!

Tracy was the Scarecrow and wished for a brain.  Sarah was the Cowardly Lion and wished for courage.  Ann was Dorothy and wished to go home.  All of them did a beautiful job.  It was really inspirational.  But, Wow! That tin man costume was HOT!
Tracy and I look like real fatties in our costumes.  That's unfortunate since we've been exercising for four months together.  Thanks to Sammi for taking this photo and snapping it to me.  These women are some of my favorite people on the planet!  I'm thankful to have them in my life.

My Tree Continued

Several years ago I blogged about this MacIntosh apple tree on our lower lawn.  I loved this tree as a kid because it was the best for climbing.  My dad pruned it and cut it back so we could actually use the apples and reach them.  It broke my heart to see my beloved tree all cut up.
The years have taken their toll on this once beautiful tree.  It is all hollow and decaying.  Still, it
produces apples.
Last Fall we made the decision that in the Spring it would have to come down.  Even though it produces a few apples, those apples don't seem to be worth the effort of mowing around and under the few branches.  On Saturday Pat took my beloved, old tree down.  Jeff then filled in the hole where it stood with sod.
My lawn looks empty now.  Looking at it one would never know that there used to be a tree there.  The remnants are sitting on a pile waiting to be hauled away.  Time to buy a new tree.

School Board

Late last year my husband approached me and asked if I could support him if he ran for a position on the school board.  Of course I said "yes."  This man is a thinker.  He doesn't make decisions based on emotion.  He thinks things through and makes the best possible decision even if it isn't the popular thing.  
In March, Sammi especially, helped with creating a postcard to be sent to local voters.  She helped her dad create the following card.
I am running for a position on the Gresham School Board.  My wife and I, as well as all five of our children, have graduated from Gresham High School.  Our grandchildren are now enjoying the experience of attending this great school.  I have continued my educational pursuits with a degree in Business Management from Silver Lake College.  I have taken the opportunity to give back to this community over the years by being an EMT, a fireman with the Gresham fire department, Gresham POPS committee member, Scoutmaster, Junior Achievement instructor, and Junior High basketball coach, to name a few.
I have spent the last 28 years of my career working in the Facilities Management field and feel I can use these, and other skills, to keep the school moving in the right direction.  I would appreciate your support.
                                                      -Patrick Pleshek     Don’t forget to vote on April 5th!

The voters did in fact, come out in force on April 5th.  I am a new poll worker and saw and met people I've not seen in years or ever.  This election was our Wisconsin state primary.  Usually the decision has already been made by the time we get to vote.  Not this year.  That could've brought people to the polls but I'm guessing it was the referendum on the Gresham school building project that brought many out in force.

Pat was concerned that no one but his family and very closest friends would vote for him.  Was he wrong!  309 people thought he would be a good person to sit on the school board.  By the way, that's a lot of votes!  I never thought for a moment that he wouldn't be elected.  But then, I see things in him that he doesn't recognize in himself.
 On April 18th, he along with Jeff Hoffman and Alphia Creapeau, was sworn in as a board member.  Since then he has been busy looking through the policy handbook (a binder which is about 3" thick).  He's also gone to a new school board member training.  He said he learned a lot and asked a lot of questions.  Can you imagine that?  Pat Pleshek asking questions?

I am incredibly proud of this man for his desire to once again serve this Gresham community.  As evidenced in his postcard, he has given a lot of service to this community and so it continues.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

General Conference Weekend

A wonderful General Conference weekend.  It dawned on me that this is the LAST one before Andrew comes home.  He did say that he was able to be in the Conference Center for Saturday afternoon.

We were able to sustain our brethren.  There were once again just a handful of dissenters.  I have to think that those individuals are nothing but selfish people who are just trying to make a statement.  I feel bad for them as they are lost.

The family was over for all of Sunday and much of Saturday.  I made some delicious food that we were able to share.

I was able to lay in bed with my husband until 7:30 this morning.  That just never happens.  It's the little things that make me happy.

I was able to take notes on each of the talks.  I decided that I will go back through them and look for the scriptural references that were used.  What a wonderful way to review the things that were said.

President Monson was able to speak to us this morning for just a few minutes and to announce four new temples to be built around the world.  His health is obviously not good.  I wonder how long he will be with us.  I watch he and Elder Hales and wonder about each of them.