Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stake Conference

 This weekend was our stake conference.  This was the first conference with President Wagner as part of the stake presidency.  He was nervous about it but he did great.  We had some wonderful messages given. 
 When our children were small we started packing a picnic to eat after conference.  We've continued that tradition and now it's our grandchildren we feed as well as other visitors.  The mission president and his wife always stay and eat.  We've had some opportunities to break bread with a lot of general authorities.  But no one is more important than our family and dear friends.
 These wonderful people were able to stay and have lunch with us today. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Busy Me

Nothing earth shattering to report.  I've been super busy or I'm about to be.  My coaching has taken me away from home both Monday and Tuesday nights.  Thursday was a jr. high meet that took us away until after 8pm.  That was a long track meet!  Anyway, Rosy is off for the next couple of weeks which leaves me working full-time along with early morning seminary and coaching after school.

I don't know how a mom does a full-time job along with all her other responsibilities.  I had some things I really wanted to accomplish last week but due to the fact that I wasn't feeling well most of the week, it didn't get done and now it has to wait. 

Next week we begin studying the book of Daniel.  I'm hoping for a good time with that. 

Also, I bought a new CD.  I don't buy many and can probably count how many I personally have purchased in my lifetime.  It's TUSKEGEE by Lionel Richie and his "country singer" friends.  Great music!  The good thing about music is that I can enjoy it while I'm working.

I guess with everything I have to do in the next couple of weeks, there won't be time for much of anything that I want to do.  But then, that's the way it goes sometimes.  The only bright spot about working for the next few weeks is that fact that I'll get paid to do it.  Extra cash is always a good thing.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Happenings

You know it's spring when the birds are doing odd things.  This female cardinal has been sitting on the window and "attacking" her reflection.  She goes from the back of the house to the front and takes turns challenging her "competition."  Meanwhile her mate just sits back and watches.
Speaking of odd...this has been the strangest Spring I've ever seen.  We had 70 degree weather in early and mid-March.  Now that April is half over, we're back to a normal Wisconsin Spring.  We've had cool/cold, windy weather.  Last night we had a return of winter as evidenced by the view out of the window this morning.
At least we know it won't last long.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wildcat Relays

Yesterday was our annual Wildcat Relays.  Our athletes did really great.  Some weren't happy with their performances, but still helped the team out immensely.  In fact, this is the first time I can remember having all the events filled on our boys team.  It made all the difference as or guys won!
 Trevor had his first chance to run the 1600.  He Dylan, Cody and Dominic each ran the 1600 (mile).  They brought home the silver medal. 
 Some of our guys are just plain goofy.
 Austin took a silver in the 300 Hurdle relay along with Trace and Andrew.  He did set a new team record with this run! 
Along with the guys winning their part of the meet, so did our girls!  It was really a great feeling to have both teams win.  Zobeck reported to me this morning that this was the first time in 18 years that he knew of that both the guys and girls won.
Here are the victorious faces with medals around their necks and trophies in hand.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Had an Idea...

There is a field behind our home where the grass/weeds grow tall.  Our neighbor used to mow it down and use it to feed the horses.  Last year he didn't use it.  Over the winter he passed away so I know for certain no one will use it for feed.  I had an idea that the boys could use this field for playing ball.  The field is actually owned by our neighbor who passed away a few years ago.  I've been taking care of the lawn at her home so I just figured that her son wouldn't care if more of his property was being cared for. 

So last night, my husband got a burning permit and started the process.  With Andrew and the Haffner men helping out, they got the job done.
We should have burned this off last week.  It rained pretty hard on Monday night and the new grass coming through is already quite green so it didn't burn so well in some places.
 Some people like to get right up inside the smoke and flames to help the dry stuff burn.
I don't know what these tall weeds are.  They were plenty dry, but wouldn't burn.  Newell and I knocked them down and he poured "liquid boy scout" on them and still they didn't want to burn.  I guess there a little work left to do before the mowing season begins. 

Here's hoping those neighborhood boys get a lot of fun out of using this field.  It should make finding lost balls a lot easier as well.  We found at least 3 tennis balls as well as a softball.  The other bonus?  No tall grass equals no snakes!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference

I have come to love General Conference.  It's nice to watch it at home from the comfort of our livingroom.  But then, sometimes, we get too comfortable.  Andrew and Thomasina found their comfy spots yesterday. 
My boys in their vests for the priesthood session.  They do clean up nice.
I believe this was the first time I was all alone during the priesthood session.  Usually one of my girls is here.  Two hours all alone in the house. I don't mind being alone; it just doesn't typically happen as Tom is always here.  Instead I spent an hour on the phone with Erin and made dinner for tomorrow.  I guess I wasn't alone after all.