Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just Because

Not a birthday, not an anniversary.  Perhaps just because he loves me.  My sweet husband brought these beauties home for me last night.  What a wonderful surprise!  I LOVE yellow roses!

One More Day

Yesterday I was driving home alone from dropping Andrew and Tim at EFY.  I had 4+ hours to myself in the car.  I listened to the radio a lot.  I heard the song, One More Day by Diamond Rio.
The lyric of the chorus is this:
One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you.

I thought about how I wished that many times in the past almost 20 years.  I also know that even if such a wish was granted, it would never be enough time and I would wish for it all over again.  I felt that pain of losing my mom all over again.  Now, however, I wish for that one more day not for myself but for my dad.

Then I recognized that the plan of salvation is perfect.  Not only will I get that "one more day" but I will have eternity to spend with my mom and the rest of my family.

I am human and subject to human emotions with my limited scope of eternity.  After nearly 20 years it still hurts sometimes.  I knew it would.  After all, if I didn't love so deeply, it wouldn't hurt so much.  I'll take the hurt because I know the love.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Official Senior

 How did my baby boy get to be so grown up?  He has his official last day of school in the morning and then he will be a senior!  YIKES! 
My niece Liz has begun a photography business.  She's darn good and has invested a lot into her own equipment.  I've always taken my kids' senior pictures, but never had a place or background to do indoor photos. 
She offered to take some photos as a promo to get her name out in the Gresham community.  Who would say no to free photos?  Not me.  So, a few Saturdays ago, Andrew, Tim and I went to her place and had some senior pics taken. 
Here they are.
 Not my favorite expression.
 Here's the guy I know and love.
 My favorite.  This is his natural smile.  Sometimes hard to catch in photography.
He did the basketball thing and the all sports thing.  Here's the track star complete with his conference medal. 
If you're interested, Liz is Timeless Touch Photography.  She has a Facebook page with the same name and can be found on the web as well.
Here's hoping he can drum up some business for her.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

State Track Meet 2013

 This weekend was the state track meet in LaCrosse.  The weather on the way over on Thursday afternoon was pretty wild.  We drove through four storms.  One was bad enough that I slowed way down and almost pulled over.  By the time I decided to pull over the rain let up.
Sawn, Drew, Martin and Austin qualified to run their 4x100 relay.  They placed 14th which was what they were seeded.  They didn't break any of the school records which they wanted to do, but they set a new team record.
 Afterward, these two both wanted Todd to hold them.  He tried.
 This group of guys have been an absolute joy to work with this year.  We had so much fun together.  Each time I stop for dinner at Perkins in Tomah, new memories are made.  They were as silly as girls and laughed just as much. 
 Cody worked so hard this year and asked if he could run the 3200 this year as well as the 1600.  How can a coach say, "No, you can't run the 2 mile."?  He qualified for state in his 3200.  He placed 14th which is also what he was seeded at.  That's Stuart Robertson right behind him.  Stuart used to live in Gresham, but moved to Algoma a long time ago.  The wind was so strong that I believe it took its toll on many of the athletes.  The times weren't as fast as normal for most everyone.
 Drew long jumped today and placed 8th.  He didn't do as well as normal.  He scratched his best jumps.  I'm sure he and Cody will both be back to state again as they are only sophomores.
I'm so appreciative of these hard working young men.  I'm glad I got to rub shoulders with them this year.

Kingergarten Graduation

 When did I get old enough to have a grandchild who graduated from Kindergarten?  I don't remember that happening.
 27 students in this year's class which is a big class for our little Gresham school.
I wish I had better photos but my camera batteries died and these were all I got.
Cami is such a smart little girl.  She reminds me so much of her mom at that age.  Clare was very smart too.  Good job Cami!