Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pleshek ABC's of 2010

Applesauce was on the docket for Pat and Heidi in November. 35 quarts later the apples are gone.

Basketball season is upon us. Andrew is playing on a team with 5 or 6 guys depending on the night. Needless to say, he’s getting a lot of playing time. He even sits the Varsity bench and got to go in last week for a minute or two.

College life agrees with Erin so much so she doesn’t want to come home. She will be home on the 19th. She loves BYU-Idaho!

Driver’s ed. is where Andrew is headed in March. There go the insurance premiums.

Early morning seminary keeps Heidi busy. Andrew is also experiencing this joy.

First buck for Andrew was shot on opening afternoon of the gun deer season.

Grandchild #3 is due in March. Cami is hoping for a sister.

High jumping continues in the family as Andrew competed in Jr. High track and field and will again in high school.

Idaho Falls temple in December for niece Nichola’s wedding is our destination.

Joy! That’s the feeling of a great family and wonderful friends like you.

Kennewick, Washington is the mission home for Sammi. She will be coming home in May.

Links to our lives can be found at or on Facebook. We’re all there.

Many miles is what Pat puts on with all his travels working for the Green Bay FM Group.

Nauvoo was our destination in August. Cami came with us. That was a treat. She did great being away from Mom!

Officiating season is officially upon us. Pat is busy many nights each week and Erin will earn some college cash doing the same when she’s home during January and February.

Pat is still busy as the stake president. Apparently his title is intimidating to any potential suitors for Erin.

Quiet is how our home was while the Gourleys were off camping in the summer.

Running the high school track program as head coach was a new experience for Heidi. Thank goodness for a great assistant coach.

Salt Lake City was the destination in October for General Conference. We got to see the Bohls and Barretts!

Tom was released as a church service missionary in November. He served for 2 1/2 years.

Umbrellas were needed all summer with lots of rain in Wisconsin. We even had some minor flooding.

Volleyball officiating filled Heidi’s fall. It’s a very nice income for minimal work. Way better than coaching!

(Hoffman) Wood Fiber is where Tom and Heidi spend their Wednesdays. It’s strange to see Tom driving the “Bobcat" but he does it well.

eXtra tall is what I may be buying Andrew. He’s 6’1” at 15 years old. He’s very proud that he’s the tallest one in the family.

Yakima is where Sammi is currently serving her mission. She loves being a missionary!

Zippidy-do-dah! Tom is still involved in Special Olympics. He did very well this year as he qualified for state in all three sports he competes in.

At this time of year, we’re very thankful for the knowledge that Jesus Christ was born and subsequently died for each of us. We’ve enjoyed another year of happiness in our home. We are blessed beyond measure. Some of those blessing come as we keep in contact with you.

May you have heaven’s blessings upon you and your family this Christmas season.

With love,

Pat, Heidi, Tom, Sammi, Erin & Andrew PleshekHad’dflkja;fdkj

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Seminary Basketball Boys

I've got six young men in my seminary class. Four of them play on the JV basketball team at school. I had my camera again last night and as I look at the photos I took, I noticed that 80% of that team is LDS. There are only five guys on the entire team so they play the entire game.

They had a rough game on Tuesday night with very few points. Last night they proved they can score. They didn't win, but they didn't get blown out either so that was a positive.

Perhaps I'll get to take my camera to a girl's game so I can give equal time to Rissa. These guys work hard and they work great together. By the way, they all looked very "spiffy" as they walked into seminary yesterday. I love the "dress up" days.

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

I got up very early this morning to put wood on the fire and saw that the snow had begun. We've got a major winter storm moving in and by the end of Sunday night could get about 12" of snow. Then the wind will begin causing all that new snow to blow and the temperatures are promised to plummet. Oh the joys of living in Wisconsin. I love a good blizzard it makes everything so beautiful and I feel so cozy in my house.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Family of Willing Hearts

A dear friend of ours had a massive heart attack about two weeks ago. They own a family farm where they still milk cows. Their daughter had been helping with the chores but on Friday morning she and her husband left for Utah to take their son to the Missionary Training Center in Provo. Due to the need for help, my husband volunteered to bring Andrew to help with the morning chores on Saturday.

Andrew didn't balk at the thought of getting up at 5:30 to go help in the barn. He said Wayne was kind enough to let him hunt on his land where he shot his first deer so he could repay the favor. Here he is feeding a calf.
When Clare heard that Dad and Andrew were going to help with the chores, she volunteered to go along and bring Cami. When Clare was 11 or 12, she and her dad went every Sunday morning for several weeks while Wayne was out of commission due to a broken neck, to help with the chores. She wanted Cami to have a positive experience in giving service. She also got to feed the calves.
Pat was a farm boy since he was young. He loved getting back to the barn to milk the cows.
Cami got to help feed the cows as well. Since they're really quite large (they must seem ginormous to a little girl), she didn't want to get too close. I admit, I'd rather be at the front end of a cow than the rear end.
Clint went along as well. He spent much of his time in the house visiting with Wayne. When he did come out he made friends with this expectant mother. She let him scratch her and much like a cat, she enjoyed it.
I stayed home to be here when Adam awoke. I was very motherly and made breakfast for my returning servers. I am so blessed to have a family full of willing hearts. Not everyone would like to give service at 5:45 a.m. Not only the earliness of the day, but the unpleasant smell that accompanies that service. My heart nearly burst as I thought about all the wonderful people that live in my home.