Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29th

October 29, 1993 is the day that my mom passed from this life to the next. It was a cool, blustery, memorable, emotional day that ended in a personal tragedy. I spent the day with her setting up the site for the Stake Women's Conference in Green Lake. She was so full of energy and I was the one who struggled to keep up with her. We did get everything finished before the sisters began to arrive.

On our way to Clintonville, she gave me a piece of information that I've shared with my family over and over concerning the law of chastity. I think it was her words of wisdom for her grandchildren. Then another interesting thing happened after we went to change our clothes for the evening festivities. She sat down and we talked for about 30 minutes. We talked about the temple specifically. Looking back it was an incredible time.

I'm really a dope as I never recognized the strength my mom possessed while she was here on earth. I am very flattered whenever someone tells me how much I remind them of her. That happened just last Saturday. I am ever thankful to the kind sister in our stake who remembers my mom. She told me how beautiful my mother was. (For any of you who have lost a parent, you know what I'm talking about.) At that moment I said thank you and didn't think much more about it...until Sunday evening.

Today I look back at the past 16 years and wonder where the time went and how much "things" have changed. We had just gotten a new microwave and our VCR wasn't very old. There were no cell phones. We had a computer, but internet was something I'd never heard of. My youngest child is older than my oldest was at that time. There were 17 grandchildren and now there are 25 plus 9 great-grandchildren with more on the way.

Today I honor the memory of my mom who taught me so very much about life and responsibility. I only wish I'd told her how much I loved her when I had the chance. I know she knew, but I should've voiced it when the spirit prompted me to do it.

As I'm feeling very nostalgic about my mom's life, I realize that life changes and we move on. I am ever thankful for the knowledge of an afterlife. That gives me more comfort than anything else ever could.

To end this post I will say that for 16 years October 29th was my mom's birth into immortality. Today something wonderful happened. My friend Sue got word that she doesn't have cancer. It couldn't have come on a better day for me. I can cry for joy instead of crying because I miss my dear mother. I think we call that a Tender Mercy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Stake Conference Weekend

This weekend is our stake conference. Our choir is combining with the Wausau choir and singing My Shepherd Will Supply My Need with harp and flute accompaniment. I hope it goes off since we won't be practicing together until just before the session. I also get the opportunity to team-speak with my husband on Saturday night. I'm prepared for that and have control over what will come out of my mouth while standing at the pulpit. At least I hope so.

Sunday will bring two sessions of conference. One in Wausau in the morning and the other in Rapids at 2:30. Last week Sammi and I visited Stevens Point and since we know the music, we'll be singing with the Point choir. That should be really fun, since I don't normally get to sing with the choir.

I only wish the weather would be nicer, but then we're going to be inside so what does it matter?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The news came yesterday that the sister of 2 of my seminary students has the h1n1 flu. Andrew came home after school with a fever as well. I decided to cancel seminary for the rest of the week so hopefully no one will get or give this lovely virus to anyone else. I called all of the parents and let them know that their children would be receiving assignments from me via email. That way we can count the days and not get behind. I'm sure my students feel bad about not being able to get up extra early and get that much needed sleep.

I took my sweetie to church last night and we cleaned up the room and sanitized the tables. Andrew is feeling better- fever is gone - but has a scratchy throat. I kept him home as obviously there's something amiss in his body.

I just pray that we don't get it. Sanitizing the surfaces, doorknobs, remotes, mouse, water fixtures and lightswitches was on the top of my list of things to do last night. More of the same today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

B is for . . . .

This morning when I came home from seminary, Clare and my cute little grandson were sitting in the livingroom. Pat was busy doing something on his computer or something. At any rate, I was sitting on the floor "talking" to this little guy when Pat came and put his glasses on his nose. Cute picture. It reminds me of the last picture in Cami's Book of Mormon book that I got her for Christmas last year. As long as I had the camera, Pat did whatever he could to get Adam to smile. The following picture is going to get blown up and displayed in our home. I love it! By the way, B is for Baby Adam (according to Cami.) We've begun calling him B at times, thus the name of the post. Enjoy his smiling face!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn in Wisconsin

I said in an earlier post that I love the autumn season. I wish we had a fall season this year. The weather seems to have gone from a cool spring to a warm one and then perhaps a week or two of summer scattered throughout June, July and August.

Summer really hit once school was back in session. The weatherman says we should have some warmer temps next week. The following are pictures of the view from my back yard.

This maple tree is in my back yard. I should've taken a picture a few days earlier while it still had a lot of leaves on it. The color is beautiful regardless.

A sure sign of fall is the growing wood piles in the area. The view is in the horse pen behind our home. I think the colors are grand.

From my mostly empty garden I got some great produce from the broccoli, beans,
zucchini and tomatoes. The peppers and corn didn't do much of anything.

This view shows my frozen hibiscus plant. Obviously all the beautiful red flowers are gone but I got to enjoy them before the frost hit. Not quite what it was a month ago.

I'll enjoy the vivid colors while they last and hopefully the smells of fall will return shortly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

General Conference

Several months ago we decided to take the boys to general conference. Sammi said she was coming too. With Erin being in Idaho, I thought I should come along as well. On Thursday night following Sammi's game in Neopit, I drove her home and we grabbed our things and headed to Milwaukee. The Barretts were kind enough to let us stay at their home even though they weren't there. We awoke very early and headed to the airport. At 6am we were leaving for Denver. A very short stay and we were on our way to Salt Lake City. We arrived and picked up our rental car. A quick trip into distribution and then a short visit with the Sharps. (Hank's mission president)

Tucanos. Do I need to say more? Our very generous friend Andy set us up for lunch at Tucanos. We ate some excellent Brazillian foods. Erin and Sara met us there. I think the highlight for the girls were the good looking men who served us the meats. What can I say? The girls had their picture taken with those men. Thanks again Andy!

The girls off to play and the rest of us off to Evanston to visit the Wellings and Sam. Two men who are so influential in our lives. If they hadn't served missions, would we have even gone to conference? Who knows? A wonderful visit with wonderful friends.

Saturday after the morning session we were off to SLC for the 2nd session. Met up with the girls who saved us seats. A wonderful experience to sit in the conference center. A check in at a hotel and boys are off again while girls are off to take pictures, eat and play.

Sunday morning brings rain and more conference. Some wonderful spiritual moments for me personally. A long drive to Idaho Falls to see the Hoffman/Likes family. It's always great to see family that we don't get to see very often. Games and laughing and eating and more laughing before heading to bed.

Waking up to snow in early October is a cruel trick. Off to Rexburg to take Erin back to school. A very short stay (Hi Jodi!) and back to Utah. Provo brings the Sister's Missionary Mall, BYU bookstore and a jaunt past the MTC.

Sharla and kids invited us to stay and eat and play with them on Monday night. A wonderful time was had by all. (Except for the Packer game) A visit that was too short but none-the-less a good thing.

Out the door by 5:15am and off to the airport. Flight to Denver where we waited a short time and then back to Milwaukee. A drive home and Sammi off to the girl's volleyball game where they shocked Rosholt by beating them in 3 games. Way to go girls! Me at home unpacking and the laundry has begun.

A very wonderful, spiritual, fun 5 days. I'm thankful we could do it together!