Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Son, the Elder

On Sunday my handsome son was presented to be ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood.  He was ordained that evening.  This week he is gone to EFY in St. Peter, MN.  It is a week long retreat sponsored by BYU.  This is the 3rd year he has attended.  He had such an amazing experience last year that he couldn't wait to go back again this year.

Usually I send my cell phone with him as he doesn't have one. That's right folks.  He's 18 years old and doesn't own a cell phone!  I didn't bring my charger along when we dropped him off so he said he didn't need it.  It is always interesting that when you can't reach one of your kids, that's when you have things to say.  He called today to tell me that he was asked to assist in giving a priesthood blessing.  I was really grateful for his opportunity.

I thought today that this is practice for when he leaves on his mission next month.  When Sammi entered the MTC I had to wait for the once a week emails and it was hard at first.  I guess I'll have to do it all again in 5 weeks.  I also realized how much time we do spend together and just how much we talk to one another.  When Andrew was a little boy, he was my little buddy cause we did everything together.  He's still my buddy.  Just not so little.  I am very proud of the man he has become!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

State Track Meet

 What a wonderful weekend/experience we had at the state track meet in La Crosse! It has been quite a few years since I had four athletes in five events at state.  Last year I had several young men there but a relay brings four guys in one event.  This year was different.
 Drew qualified in the triple jump as well as in the long jump.
 I love Drew's game face!
 Austin qualified in the 300 hurdles.  He was here last year in the 4x100 relay but this year was just about him and his individual event.  He owns our school record.  Here he is running the qualifying heat.  He made it!
 He's worked really hard this year on gaining strength and speed.
 Drew on the podium.  5th in the triple jump.  He came in ranked 11th.
 We had a 5 hour rain delay on Saturday morning.  Andrew had jumped the opening height of 5'8" and one race was run and we had to take cover.
 The only picture of Cody.  He's on his phone.  He ran an amazing 3200 meter race.  He broke the Bowler school record by running a 9:58.10.  He placed 8th.
 A close up of Drew.
 Drew also competed in the long jump.  He was ranked #1 but couldn't pull out a 21' jump.
 He is so much fun to watch.  I don't believe Todd nor I taught him anything.  I asked him to try jumping and he did it!  He takes direction well though.  We ask him to fix something and he does.
 This crazy picture looks like he is jumping over the hurdle.
 My 8th place finisher.
 My guys.
 The guys with the coaches.
 My crazy tatted boys.  They bought stick on tattoos.  Apparently Cody is too shy to show you his.
 Opening jump at 5'8".  No problem.
 Getting ready.
 First guy to make 5'10" after the rain delay.
 He made it!
 Some of that warm up stuff prior to jumping.
 The approach.
This photo is a reminder that God provides miracles.  On the way home we saw a beautiful full rainbow.  In fact it was a double.  Here's the miracle we asked for and received.  When we had the rain delay it was determined that at 3pm it would be determined what would be done.  Would the meet continue or would it be canceled until Sunday?  We got together in the laundry room and offered a prayer to ask for a miracle.  Andrew and Austin had already determined that they would not compete on the Sabbath.  We exercised a bit of faith.  I just knew that the meet would go on.  The weather showed storms coming all afternoon and into the evening.  We got our miracle as the storms went around us. By 4:15 Andrew was jumping again.  As we were driving home, I thought about the tender mercy we were shown. I was once again very grateful for the Lord's miracles.

Sectionals Track Meet and Graduation

 May 30th was a very busy day.  First we attended the sectional track meet in Marathon.  Andrew didn't have a great day jumping, but he did well enough to qualify for STATE!!!!!!  He's been working for that goal for the last couple of years and finally made it.  I'm a proud mom and coach.  After Alyssa was done running her mile, we packed up the athletes who were finished competing and I brought them back to Bowler and Gresham.  We arrived at school in Gresham just as the National Anthem was being played.  By the time we were inside, the welcome was already in progress.
 Andrew got to make his entrance late as he wished.  He didn't want to do that silly march down the center aisle.  Erin did the same thing.  He jumped up on the back platform and put on his cap and gown.  He had his track uniform on under his shorts and T-shirt.  He was also wearing socks and his mandles.  Brenda said only he and Austin could wear them if they were coming late from the track meet.
 A group of students were called up on stage to receive scholarships. 
 Andrew received the Hoffman Transit scholarship as well as the Gresham Scholarship Committee scholarship.  He got the two he applied for.
 Receiving his diploma.
 Turning the tassel to make it official.
Walking out with Haley and Tracy.
 A big hug from Mr. Sean Anday.  He was Andrew's resource teacher who helped him whenever he needed assistance.  Thank you Mr. Anday.
 A big hug from his neighbor and bishop.
 Cami and Brock with their uncle.
 The Gourleys
 Don't you love the bowtie?  That was the attempt to "dress up."
Andrew at sectionals doing a great job!
Such a busy day for us.  I'm so proud of my son!