Saturday, August 31, 2013

Andrew's Senior Pics & Goofiness

 Andrew and I went out this morning before the sun was shining brightly and took some pictures so he'd have some when the senior advisor asked for them.  We took a lot more, but deleted what we knew we wouldn't use.  I like all of these and love some of them.  Others are just for fun. 

When you first meet Andrew he comes across as this quiet, almost shy individual with very little to say.  When you get to know him better you find that he is a jokester and isn't easily embarrassed.  He will put himself in the spotlight.  Enjoy.
He doesn't care for this one, but I love it!  His smirk.
 Another expression we see a lot.
 I like this one, not my fave.
 He really likes this one.
 Silly guy.
 I like it.
 I love it.  We both love the water swirls in the background.
 I believe this is my favorite.  A nice easy, relaxed expression.
 It's all good.  Love this one too.
Another nice one.
We aren't done taking photos as he needs a few with his athletic gear.  Will post those when I take them and edit them.
Feedback?  What's your favorite?

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Miracle

Tom had a doctor appointment on Aug. 19th where we found out he had quite a large hernia that needed repair.  I took him to meet with the surgeon that same week and surgery was scheduled for the 28th.
He was very worried.  So much so that he cried because he was so concerned.  After much talk and reassurance he felt better.

He was given a priesthood blessing before we left for the hospital.  He was very nervous on Wednesday morning during pre-op but it didn't last long.  I put PBS Kids on TV and he watched and relaxed. 

I was a bit concerned about how he would deal with the pain.  I've been cut open more than once and know how much it hurts.  After surgery he told us he felt better. (Not that he complained of any pain prior.) 

We had to get him up after surgery to use the restroom.  Just before that he told one of the nurses that he would be all better because he prayed to God and God would help him.  I believe this young man has faith unknown to me.  He was prescribed Vicodin and I filled the prescription but as of today (Friday), we haven't even opened it.  I gave him some Ibuprofen mostly for the swelling.  He never complained or grimaced in pain.  I call that a miracle!

This morning I was cleaning all the iodine off of his skin and getting him changed out of his PJs into some clothes.  At one point during the morning he said "ouch."  This was the very first time he even hinted at any pain other than walking quite slowly.  An hour or so after more ibuprofen he declared, "no pain!"  What a trooper. 

I do believe God listens and answers prayers.  In this case, I am certain of the amount of faith he exhibited is directly involved in why he isn't in much discomfort.  A miracle is the only way to explain it.  This son of mine has me humbled for certain.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sweet Boys

 Earlier this week I picked up corn on the cob so it could be cut off and frozen.  I shucked all of the cobs while Clare and Erin cut it off the cobs.  I don't recall how much is in the freezer, but we're planning to do it again.  It was beastly hot outside and I didn't want the mess inside so we turned on a fan and used the garage.  These two little guys helped for awhile and then stopped for a popsicle break.
 I love the view of these sweet boys from the back.  They remind me of a couple of old guys sitting outside in their lawn chairs watching the traffic go by.  One exception.  They aren't old or watching traffic.  They were just busy eating frozen treats.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a picture of my basketball team

Friday, August 16, 2013

Camping on Lake Superior

 We have camped on the shores of Lake Superior for a few years already.  Way up north of Houghton.  A campground made in God's country.
 After we set up our campsite, we walked to the lookout on the point.
 There isn't much there, but the colors are beautiful.
 Erin got a phone call from this secluded spot.
 The years of erosion made this hollow in the stone.  I love the sound the water makes when it comes splashing into this hollow.
 The erosion has also made some great layers on the rocks.  The stones are everywhere and seem to be imbedded in some kind of other stone.  Almost like concrete.  Very interesting.
 The east shoreline.  I was really just playing with the panoramic setting on my camera. 
 This flagpole is on the west end of the "beach."
 Since last year, there have been some "monuments" erected.
 This one kind of looked like a person.
 Someone went to a lot of trouble looking for the flattest rocks they could find. 
 That is a piece of wood on the far side of the pic.
 The mosquitoes were beginning to eat me for supper.  This was the shadow view from the inside of our tent.
 The sunset. 
 A closer view with a very bright ring around the sun.
 Kayakers on the lake.
 Sunrise on the "beach."
 Sunrise to the west.
 The loons came around just after we spotted this ship on its way to Duluth.
 Our campsite.  Pat getting breakfast ready as soon as the rocks are hot.
 Another view of our campsite.
 The sun is actually rising.
Breakfast on the rocks.  We bought frozen meals and heated them on the hot rocks.  Mine was delicious.  Thank you Jimmy Dean!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fun Together

With Sammi, Jeff and Eveyln visiting and Erin home for a month, we had a lot of fun together.  We spent a few nights around the campfire.  Sunday night we played "What if."  We had lots of laughter and fun being together.  Clint had to work so we didn't get him here as much as we would have liked.
 Monday evening we had another campfire with a picnic.  Afterward a game of Ticket to Ride began so Erin and I took the little ones inside to play.  Cami and Adam watched cartoons for awhile.
 Brock got busy playing as usual.
 Evie needed a breakfast bar after her nap.  She got it all over herself but enjoyed it immensely.
 Ticket to Ride outside.
Still playing Ticket to Ride.  I shot this photo through the smoke.  They played outside until after dark.  They had to get the lantern out in order to finish the game.  
It was a wonderful weekend. 
Sammi and Evie flew out last evening and Jeff leaves Thursday morning.
Until we get together again.

Family Picture Fun

 When we found out that our entire family would be together for a few days over the summer, my husband decided he wanted a new family picture.  He found flag shirts buy one get one free.  It was his plan so I went ahead with his plan.  I wanted to go to the rock, but we had time constraints so stayed home in our own yard.
Here are the Gourleys.  Not too bad considering we took many of them.  The kids just would not cooperate.
 Papa and Nana with our four little gems.
 This was a really tough picture to get.  Brock wanted to get away.  Adam wouldn't put his feet down.  Again this was the best we could do.
 The Fillmores looking great.
 Our beautiful children.
 They had some goofiness as well.
 My sweetheart and I.
 The boys.
 Our silly girls.
 Our cat who hissed at Sammi.  She's not very nice.
 Our beauties.
I printed some of these and put them in frames on the piano but didn't get any made up to put on the wall since we had professional photos taken in December.  Evelyn was the only one who changed much since then.