Friday, August 30, 2013

A Miracle

Tom had a doctor appointment on Aug. 19th where we found out he had quite a large hernia that needed repair.  I took him to meet with the surgeon that same week and surgery was scheduled for the 28th.
He was very worried.  So much so that he cried because he was so concerned.  After much talk and reassurance he felt better.

He was given a priesthood blessing before we left for the hospital.  He was very nervous on Wednesday morning during pre-op but it didn't last long.  I put PBS Kids on TV and he watched and relaxed. 

I was a bit concerned about how he would deal with the pain.  I've been cut open more than once and know how much it hurts.  After surgery he told us he felt better. (Not that he complained of any pain prior.) 

We had to get him up after surgery to use the restroom.  Just before that he told one of the nurses that he would be all better because he prayed to God and God would help him.  I believe this young man has faith unknown to me.  He was prescribed Vicodin and I filled the prescription but as of today (Friday), we haven't even opened it.  I gave him some Ibuprofen mostly for the swelling.  He never complained or grimaced in pain.  I call that a miracle!

This morning I was cleaning all the iodine off of his skin and getting him changed out of his PJs into some clothes.  At one point during the morning he said "ouch."  This was the very first time he even hinted at any pain other than walking quite slowly.  An hour or so after more ibuprofen he declared, "no pain!"  What a trooper. 

I do believe God listens and answers prayers.  In this case, I am certain of the amount of faith he exhibited is directly involved in why he isn't in much discomfort.  A miracle is the only way to explain it.  This son of mine has me humbled for certain.


Megan said...

This is amazing. I'm glad he is feeling well and not having much pain. A miracle and a wonderful blessing.

Dawna Rae said...

I love this and I am so happy to hear that it went so well and he never had to suffer. What a trooper, what a man of faith.