Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fun Together

With Sammi, Jeff and Eveyln visiting and Erin home for a month, we had a lot of fun together.  We spent a few nights around the campfire.  Sunday night we played "What if."  We had lots of laughter and fun being together.  Clint had to work so we didn't get him here as much as we would have liked.
 Monday evening we had another campfire with a picnic.  Afterward a game of Ticket to Ride began so Erin and I took the little ones inside to play.  Cami and Adam watched cartoons for awhile.
 Brock got busy playing as usual.
 Evie needed a breakfast bar after her nap.  She got it all over herself but enjoyed it immensely.
 Ticket to Ride outside.
Still playing Ticket to Ride.  I shot this photo through the smoke.  They played outside until after dark.  They had to get the lantern out in order to finish the game.  
It was a wonderful weekend. 
Sammi and Evie flew out last evening and Jeff leaves Thursday morning.
Until we get together again.

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