Friday, August 16, 2013

Camping on Lake Superior

 We have camped on the shores of Lake Superior for a few years already.  Way up north of Houghton.  A campground made in God's country.
 After we set up our campsite, we walked to the lookout on the point.
 There isn't much there, but the colors are beautiful.
 Erin got a phone call from this secluded spot.
 The years of erosion made this hollow in the stone.  I love the sound the water makes when it comes splashing into this hollow.
 The erosion has also made some great layers on the rocks.  The stones are everywhere and seem to be imbedded in some kind of other stone.  Almost like concrete.  Very interesting.
 The east shoreline.  I was really just playing with the panoramic setting on my camera. 
 This flagpole is on the west end of the "beach."
 Since last year, there have been some "monuments" erected.
 This one kind of looked like a person.
 Someone went to a lot of trouble looking for the flattest rocks they could find. 
 That is a piece of wood on the far side of the pic.
 The mosquitoes were beginning to eat me for supper.  This was the shadow view from the inside of our tent.
 The sunset. 
 A closer view with a very bright ring around the sun.
 Kayakers on the lake.
 Sunrise on the "beach."
 Sunrise to the west.
 The loons came around just after we spotted this ship on its way to Duluth.
 Our campsite.  Pat getting breakfast ready as soon as the rocks are hot.
 Another view of our campsite.
 The sun is actually rising.
Breakfast on the rocks.  We bought frozen meals and heated them on the hot rocks.  Mine was delicious.  Thank you Jimmy Dean!

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