Monday, August 5, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

   Last week I had the opportunity to go to girls camp once again.  I love the sisters who come and give their time to serve.  I love being with the sisters.
 Every year there are bats in the lodge.  This year I found where they hang out during the day. 
 There were bees everywhere.  I didn't hear of anyone getting stung though.
 Cathy was on bat patrol.
 The older girls along with their leaders went to camp Tesomas for some high adventure activities.  Here's President Wagner zip lining.
 Our camp director, Brenda climbing the rock wall.
 Kayaking.  My sweetie got to do this with the girls.
The first day we put up a most disgraceful flag.  Therefore, a new one was purchased and the old one was retired.  I have never been a part of this ceremony before.  It was very reverent and patriotic.  The girls stood up and put their hands over their hearts and began singing the national anthem.

It was a great week weather wise.  We had a few glitches with only a handful of girls.  We have a rule that cell phones are not allowed at camp unless you are an leader.  A few of the older girls could not leave theirs alone.  Ultimately they were confiscated.  It is really sad that for four days these few girls couldn't be obedient to the rules.  
It got me thinking about obedience.  I have no wonder why obedience is the first law of heaven.  It is those small things that trip people up.  How can we ever obey the big things if we can't obey the little stuff?

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