Saturday, August 31, 2013

Andrew's Senior Pics & Goofiness

 Andrew and I went out this morning before the sun was shining brightly and took some pictures so he'd have some when the senior advisor asked for them.  We took a lot more, but deleted what we knew we wouldn't use.  I like all of these and love some of them.  Others are just for fun. 

When you first meet Andrew he comes across as this quiet, almost shy individual with very little to say.  When you get to know him better you find that he is a jokester and isn't easily embarrassed.  He will put himself in the spotlight.  Enjoy.
He doesn't care for this one, but I love it!  His smirk.
 Another expression we see a lot.
 I like this one, not my fave.
 He really likes this one.
 Silly guy.
 I like it.
 I love it.  We both love the water swirls in the background.
 I believe this is my favorite.  A nice easy, relaxed expression.
 It's all good.  Love this one too.
Another nice one.
We aren't done taking photos as he needs a few with his athletic gear.  Will post those when I take them and edit them.
Feedback?  What's your favorite?

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