Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Beautiful Niece - Happy Birthday

I have many nieces and nephews and I love all of them.  One of them is celebrating a birthday today.  I think she's 25 today and is celebrating her first birthday as a mommy.  She's very naive at times and always outspoken.  She's faced the trial of having her mother leave this world on Nichola's 14th birthday.  Instead of missing my sister, I thought I'd dedicate this post to one who makes me smile.
We were fortunate enough to bring Zack, Nichola, Stef and Lyssa to the City of Joseph pageant with us in 2001.  Nichola continued to come with us for the next four years.  Sibling love.
 I believe Nichola and Erin love one another.
 One evening, I believe after someone's baptism, we were gathered at Kurt and Tina's.  The kids had a bowling ball.  I don't know where that came from.  Here's Lauren in "labor" and about to deliver the ball.   Crazy girls.
 With Erin in Nauvoo.
 See the people standing in the air in the middle of this photo?  That's the Hoffman kids with Bishop Wagner.
 Again in Nauvoo.  This was 2004 at Clare and Clint's wedding.  What a cool August day that was!
 Another cool, breezy day for a wedding.  This time in Chicago.
 Katie, Nichola with Stuart.  Erin in the background.  At Kurt and Tina's house.
 Another COLD, WINDY day for a wedding.  This time in December 2011.  What a beautiful bride.  Cami called her a "princess."
 One of the multiple photos of ALL the grandchildren living in the area.  We added a few Robertsons on this particular day.
 Lauren, Katie and Nick doing heaven only knows. 
Nauvoo, 2001 during the "How Do You Build a City" scene.  This was just a photo op.  Since I was on crutches, I could take pictures.
So today, I say to my beautiful niece, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!  I love you enormously and I'm so proud of the choices you've made.  Enjoy your special day!

Friday, March 30, 2012

First Track Meet of 2012

After such a warm couple of weeks to begin our track season, when it's finally time for the meets, we're back to normal cool weather.  Yesterday was the first meet of the season.  I took a lot of photos of a lot of my athletes, but I'm only posting the ones of Andrew.  He did great!  He's triple jumping this year and his form is pretty good.  He just needs more speed.
He took 6th place in the 110 high hurdles.  He hasn't really practiced these much until earlier this week.  I was pleasantly surprised with the 6th place finish as he isn't a sprinter.  Austin was in this heat and he won easily.  He got 2nd place overall.
High jumping is what Andrew loves to do the most.  He's been working at it for a number of years.  When I began coaching 7 years ago, he would stay for practice and he'd try it when Erin was done.  Yesterday we finally got some steps measured out and he took first place with a jump of 5'7"!  That's his personal best at a meet and it's also a new team record.

 He had plenty of clearance at the lower heights.  From now on, he's not allowed to start at such low heights. 
It was a good day.  The sun was shining which made the cool breeze bearable.  Today, however, might be a different situation.  We're going to Marion without the sun, with the wind and the cold and the wet.  It's all good.  It wouldn't be a track season if it were warm all the time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Day of Spring

Yes indeed.  The outside temperature is actually 85.3 degrees.  Summer has been here for a week already.  I'm glad Spring finally caught up with us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FHE in Mid-March

With this strange weather we're having, we decided to grill out last night.  Erin took care of the responsibilities at the grill. 
Pat set the table...outside where our food didn't get cold.  Good burgers Erin!
 I asked the family to help with the lower lawn.  Erin and I raked up sticks from the willow tree and Tom hauled them away.  Andrew trimmed the apple tree and Pat got the tractor out and plowed up some things I didn't want in a flower bed.  The roots needed pulling out and Erin got the nod to drive the tractor.  Something she's not done before.
 She did it!  Good job. 
I shouldn't have walked to the orchard when we were finished as I found a lot more work back there. I love a good family work project! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today at Our House

Today at our house a squirrel was busy so we got busy too. 
Andrew trimmed apples trees.
 Our garden got plowed.
 Another section of lawn got raked.
 Sheets were dried on the clothesline.
A bike ride was taken.
Sticks were collected. 
Wood was stacked.
 A nap was taken.

A motorcycle was ridden.
 Firewood was covered.
Tractor rides were given.
 A camper was pulled out of storage and set up.
And now it's time to get ready to go to Wausau for the stake Prom.
A very busy day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Sister Bonny

Going through my parents' slides, I found several photos of my sister.  I have great memories looking through these.  In 1975 we went on a family vacation through Canada to Niagara Falls, south to Palmyra, NY and finally to Washington D.C.  This photo was taken in Toronto. 
We had our shower in the basement and at some point it turned into a bathing shower.
 Niagara Falls
 I recall my little sister had very little hair during her first year of life.  I was at a rummage sale with my mom and some woman asked me about my little brother and I remember being very offended.  I already had 3 brothers and finally got a sister and then some stupid lady called her a boy!
 This must have been the Christmas my brother got snowmobile gloves.
 I remember that car.  That little pine tree is very big now and the apple tree on the right no longer exists.
 I love the retro look of the things on the wall.  I recall as a child looking at that rocking chair thing on the right side of the wall.  There are balls of yarn on the seat of the chair.  As a child, I couldn't figure out why there was poop on the seat of the chair.
 Look at the curls.  She is so cute!
 This was the one time in his life that my dad was growing a beard.  I remember it being a reddish color.
 In my parents' bedroom.  I wonder why they took the hardwood off of the floor? 
 I was 7 years old when these were taken.  She was just a newborn. Ma Hoffman woke us up that morning and told me that I had a new sister!  That was the most exciting day of my 7 year old life.
 She looks like a little princess.  Except for these photos I don't remember my mother being so young.  I suppose my children will think the same thing when they look back at photos of me.
I'm guessing this was on the couch. 
 In the back yard with Dan Cerveny.  Bonny must be about two.
I've had a good time looking through these pictures that I haven't seen in years.  I have so many fun memories of growing up with my sister.  Even though there are seven years between us, I am still so grateful that I finally got a sister.  I couldn't have asked for a greater blessing in my young life. 
I love you Bon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is March 10th?

What's a person to do on a Saturday afternoon in March when all morning was spent driving to and from the temple? 
Well, it's 60+ degrees outside so naturally a bike ride is in order.
Notice the snow in the background.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Special Olympics Basketball Skills

Our group prior to the beginning of competition.
The basketball skills has three parts.
 One part is the spot shot.  There are 6 spots on the floor where the athlete gets 2 shots each.  Tom didn't do so well in this part.  In practice he did great in this part.
 Dribbling was the 2nd part.  Each athlete had two chances to dribble from the first set of cones to the second set.  This is timed and each time the athlete used a two handed dribble a second was added.  Not a problem for this guy.
 Getting ready to shoot.  The 3rd part is passing.  He was perfect at that part.
He received a fourth place.  He was happy with it and so was I.  We have only two spots open to take athletes to state and there were three who qualified.  Two of them have never been before so it was only right that they go to state.
Way to go Tom!