Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Munising, MI

 Last week I went with Pat to the U.P. on our yearly work/vacation.  He stops at all the buildings and we find something interesting to do while we're there.
This year our adventure was a 2 hour ship wreck tour on a glass-bottomed boat.  We planned on the evening 3 hour tour but there weren't enough people to go due to the weather.  The theme from Gilligan's Island ran through my head the entire time we were on our tour.
In the morning we fed the ducks before leaving. 
The weather was perfect and the sun began to shine so we sat topside.  When we got to the first shipwreck, we were called down to look through one of the two "wells" where things were descibed to us.  
 I took a lot of photos but this was the best, clearest picture.  The bow of this ship is only about five feet below the viewing area.
 On our way we saw a few eagles.
 This old lighthouse is in the process of being restored.
 I love how the years of erosion have worn away the rocks on the coast.
Not a terrific pic of the two of us, but we did have a great time.
While on the trip I read a book Sammi gave me to read.  It's called "Let it Go."  It's the story of a man's journey through the forgiveness process when his wife, two of his children and unborn son were killed by a teenage drunk driver.  The book made a profound impact on me and how I feel about the forgiveness process.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stef & Korey...A Party

 The Chicken Dance
 Wipe Out
 Nichola with Jane, Jeff and Korey doing the Chicken Dance
 Korey's uncle, Korey, Evan and Sammi.
 Cory and Nichola swing dancing.
 Alexa and Aubrey
 Sammi and Jeff slowing it down.
 Zoey with Papa Kurt
 Line dancing
 Cutting the cake
 Granda Sue and Zack swing dancing.
Grandma Sue and Stef
 Y M C A
A wedding wouldn't be complete without a polka.
 Bride and Groom dance.
Aubrey and Zoey all tuckered out.
There were comments made that we Wisconsinites know how to party.  It was interesting that while doing a lot of the dances that we know and love were new to those in Idaho.  What a great time was had by all.

Another Idaho Wedding

 On Saturday, we attended Stef and Korey's wedding in Idaho Falls.  Erin took this beautiful photo of the temple while she waited for us outside.
 Waiting for the photo shoot to begin.
 Baby Jane making one of her famous faces while Dad Cory looks on.
 Emerging from the temple.  So happy.
 The Hoffman family with Papa and Grandma Sue.
 Zane and Megan
The bride with niece Aubrey.
A beautiful ceremony in the same sealing room as her sister and brother.
So glad we could be there.


, On Sunday my baby girl, Erin, celebrated her 21st birthday!  Holy smoke, where did that time go?  Anyway, in her honor I thought I'd post some of the many faces of my sweet daughter.
 This was the one and only time that all my girls got to play basketball together.  Clare got to play in the alumni vs. Varsity game.  Guess who the official was?
 This was the first time Erin and Sammi got to meet President and Sister Sharp.  They are Pat'ss mission president/wife.  Special people and I'm glad our girls got to meet them. 
 Just a random self portrait in Nauvoo.
After church one day in our old house.  The photo stamp on this one is incorrect.
 Christmas day.  All three girls got this same shirt from their dad.
An October General Conference at least 3 years ago.
 Graduation night.  Also the same day she qualified for the state track meet for the third consecutive time.  I was one proud and excited coach/mom.
 Show us how you got to state!  She loved being a high jumper and was darn good at it.
 Erin's personality coming through in this edited picture.
She and Allyssa were such buddies all through school with plenty of Helen Keller jokes, dinosaur and squirrel inside jokes going on.  This was at the state track meet.
Of course she's best at being a sister and daughter.  Our world would be so strange without Erin in it.  These three are my best girlfriends ever.  I never thought that it would turn out this way, but I'm sure glad it did.
We were in Provo on Sunday and were able to be with her on her birthday.  She's goofy, sensible, strong, spiritual, silly and lovable.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl's Camp 2012

Last week I was at camp once again.  I was to be the historian and this year also do the Wednesday craft.  When I arrived, we found out that one of our cooks may not be able to make it.  I volunteered to step in and help out in the kitchen.  I spent most of my day on Tuesday in the kitchen which was so much fun.  I felt like I was really doing something productive rather than just taking pictures.
Our 4th year campers went out on their own campsite and did all their own cooking for 2 1/2 days.  They had a great time.
 The 3rd year campers.  The biggest group.
 Megan and I making our lamps.
 On Tuesday everyone made a lamp out of clay.  Prior to the testimony meeting, each of us were given a tea light.  When you bore your testimony, you got to light your lamp because you "shared your light."  It was pretty cool. 
 The smallest group were the 2nd year campers.
The 1st year campers. 

As usual, I shared the "bat cave" with Cheryl.  We did a lot of giggling as is normal.  We got busted by some of the other adults who thought it was the girls laughing.  Megan added another dimension to our giggling.  It was a fun time and I felt very useful. 

Now it's time to get ready for seminary since all my picture taking for youth conference and camp is finished.  Next up, Stef's wedding this Saturday.  Can't wait.


 This spring Pat bought two new hibiscus plants and I planted them.  They're different varieties than the others he purchased a few years back.  I came home from camp and here's what I was greeted with.
The new pink one.
 This one is peach and the blooms are more full rather than flat.
 My zinnas are blooming their hearts out.
 The old red one in full bloom.
 These blossoms are the size of dinner plates.
Last and not least, the white one. 
I'm happy with my flowers this year.