Thursday, April 25, 2013

True Signs of Spring are Finally Here

After a very long winter it is finally showing real signs of spring in the neighborhood.  It is finally beginning to warm up and thus the flowers and dormant plants are starting to come up.
 Both of these plants are in my neighbor's yard. I love the vibrant purple color!
 There was a pair of geese stopping by the pond to take a rest.  They were swimming on the pond until we came to take a look.
 Last fall the pond across the street was mostly empty.  With all the snow melt, it is full to the brim.
 My own plants are beginning to come through too.
 Including the tulips in the front flower bed.

 Clare and I went for a walk this morning and while she was putting the stroller away, Brock was finding pinecones and throwing them into the firepit.
He loves being outside.  Here's hoping that we can now wash the winter coats and put them away.  We've got some GREAT weather forecast for the next week.  Here's hoping that Spring is really here to stay.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Springtime in Wisconsin

 Remember last year at this time when it was unseasonably warm?  I have a few photos to remind us all of the incredible weather that accompanied the spring of 2012. 

 Andrew at a track meet in April.  Check out the green grass and the girl with shorts on.
 This was in March.  We got the grill out and had a picnic.  Erin is wearing her flip flops and Andrew is in shorts.  Of course he's almost always in shorts.
 This was in February.  We were getting a new roof put on.  Granted it snowed the next afternoon, but it didn't last long.  By the way, I love how the new roof looks.  So RED!
Last and not at all least.  This was from the Wildcat Relays.  It was the same track meet that we were supposed to host today.  Both our girls and guys teams won!  It was so awesome.  Marion offered us the use of their track for today's meet, but we decided against it just for the fact that we have a hard enough time getting people to come work at Bowler so it would be even harder to get them to come to Marion.  It would've been canceled anyway.
Our track was snow blown off last week and we could actually see it.  Tuesday night is snowed and now I can't see it again.  It's supposed to snow up to 6" tonight so that will take care of seeing it this week.  We've officially been practicing for one month and haven't seen the lanes of a track, any track, yet.  Perhaps next week?  I can be hopeful.

You know how birds come to the feeders and eat like crazy just before a major winter storm?  It looks like an aviary outside my south windows.  Poor things were hungry as most of the seed was gone so I bought some today.  I always spread some on the driveway so more of them can eat at any given time.  They've been here in flocks all day instead of the usual morning and late afternoon feedings.  

 As odd as last spring's weather was, I don't remember seeing a spring like this one either.  I heard someone refer to it today as "sprinter."  Of course last year it was very dry.  Not a problem this year.  As you can tell, I'm ready for the winter to end, as is everyone else in Wisconsin.

On the up side.  I raked the lawn out at the Wood Fiber last week.  It was so full of sawdust and dirt that I literally scraped and shoveled it at times.  I'm sure its covered in snow again, but at least it will be green when the snow melts.  Whenever that will be.