Thursday, October 11, 2018


Fillmore twins were born this morning at 7:50.  Baby boy weighs 6 lbs 10 oz while his sister weighs in at 6 lbs 6 oz.  No names have been given yet.
What a great size!  They were born 2 weeks early but this was a planned C-section.  Only 15% of women carrying twins make it to 38 weeks.  She made it which means they will most likely not need any extra measures.  Sammi reported that she had some significant contractions prior to having the spinal block.
I recall Tom being only 6 lbs 10 oz and how that was a full two pounds less than Clare.  He seemed so tiny.  But then when Andrew came along at 5 lbs 1/2 oz, I knew the meaning of small.
With all the miraculous things that transpired to get these two here, I am nothing short of grateful for answered prayers.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Grandchildren are a Blessing

My mom used to say that if she could do it over again she would skip being a mom and go straight to being a grandma.  I recognize what she meant although I love being a mom.
Grandchildren are an absolute blessing!  Here are my blessings.
Cami was our first and she's is one smart cookie.  She looks so much like her mom and even has some of those same attributes.  I love that she loves to play with her cousin.  Given the big age gap, I wasn't sure she would play so well with Evie. I love spending time with her as she is growing up so quickly and turning into a beautiful young woman.
Adam is my mini Andrew.  What a great imagination!  He is pretty chill most of the time and goes with the flow.  He struggles with some aspects of learning but is super excited about others.  He can tell you about everything dinosaur.  Such a handsome guy.
Who wouldn't love Brock's dimples?  He has a pretty short fuse but he's my lover.  He adores me and always hugs me as if we haven't seen one another in a long time.  Upon learning that we are contemplating a mission, he began to cry because he would miss me.

Evelyn is our drama queen.  She has such a tender heart and takes everything so personally.  She's girl through and through.  She loves everything Barbie.  Although she has asked for a race track for Christmas.  She's so smart and learning to read.
Who couldn't love this Butch face?  This kid is all boy as much as Ev is girl.  He had a lot to say and talks to anyone who will listen.  He wants you to believe he's a tough guy.  I just giggle when I think about him.  He is Mr. Personality and I love it!
Eli is such a cute little guy.  He's got his very sober moments.  He watches very carefully what others are doing.  He's got an infectious giggle.  Sammi had him belly laughing on Sunday.  He's such a good baby and we adore him.

Baby Fillmore twins will be born tomorrow morning.  (October 11, 2018)  Baby boy will come first with his sister to follow.  I can't wait to meet them and find out what their names will be.  I've seen them via ultra sound several times but much prefer to be able to hold them and pet their little heads.  

Yes, I can attest to the fact that grandchildren are compensation for growing older!

Heaven's Protection

Sometime at the end of June, there was a service opportunity in Bowler at the Cortright/Glenetski home.  These ladies needed some saplings removed from around the garage in order for their insurance carrier to cover them.  Some men with chain saws and a few women went over to remove the trees.  Pat, being the guy he is, went over.  When he came back he showed me his pants leg with a statement something like, "Someone is watching over me."  The saw jumped back or bucked or something and came back and hit him just above the knee.
As you can see, the pants are shredded just above the knee.  The skin, however, was untouched.  A few days later a bruise and slight abrasion showed up.  
I then admitted that only a few days earlier while driving to the temple, I know I fell asleep at the wheel with the cruise set at 74 mph. I was just going to close my eyes for a nap when Pat asked me to drive so he could take a nap.  Ugghh! As I took over at the wheel it wasn't long before I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  I did all the usual tricks to try and stay alert.  It wasn't working.  
At some point, I was startled awake still driving straight in my lane of traffic with no other vehicles around us.  I don't recall dozing off but it was very clear that when I opened my eyes, I knew I had fallen asleep.  It couldn't have been more than a few seconds.  I can tell you that it was very easy to stay awake after that.
God has a work for us to do and He needs us here.  I have no doubt that he was watched over us in both of those instances.  I feel that my prayers for protection are never wasted.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Bonny Rae

 On October 1, 1969 I finally had a sister.  There are 7 years between us but that didn't stop us from having fun together and playing the same things.  Of course, this little sister wasn't really able to play for a few years.  
She had so little hair when she was born and for more than a year later that often strangers thought she was a boy.  I was very offended by this considering I already had 3 brothers and this was my only sister.  
 We shared a bedroom for a few years but I couldn't stand how messy she was and she got her own room.  I do recall dancing the polka in my room and pretending to ice skate.  We watched the Olympics and got the bug.  We had a sparkly dress-up dress and used a flashlight to shine on one another as we "skated" and twirled around my bedroom in the dark.
We spent hours upon hours playing with the "little people" and barbies in my room.  We played together until I was at least 16.  I recall not wanting to be caught playing with those things and shoving them under the bed if someone came up the stairs.

 This woman graduated valedictorian of her class.  She went off to BYU for a year before coming back to Wisconsin and going to school in Green Bay for a year.  Then she decided it was time to serve the Lord as a missionary where she met a man that would change her life in ways that no one ever conceived of.
When she came home she went off and got married and had two sons.  Things did not work out as she intended and she came back home in 2014.  Things have changed so much.  A horrible man kept her isolated which limited her in having friends and being with other people.  An awful disease known as multiple sclerosis has robbed her of her ability to function physically as she would like.

With all of that, I cleaned out her apartment and set up her room and moved her into an assisted living home on her 49th birthday.  When I look at her she is a shell of the person I grew up with.  I know she was just a little girl then, but circumstances have robbed her of the simple joys that she should have.  Instead she is forced into a life that none of us ever expected.  Least of all her.

One thing is for certain.  She is home with her family.