Thursday, November 16, 2017

Day 16 - Athletics

Oh how I love athletics.  Sport! My favorite thing to do/watch.  I loved playing volleyball and competing in track and field when I was in high school and college.  I'm by nature, a very competitive person.  That can be good and bad.  I just can never cross the line of being crazy about it.  I think I'm far past that point in my life.
 I loved watching all my children play basketball.  They were blessed to play on pretty good teams.  It was almost by accident that I was put behind the table and asked to run the clock during games.  For years I did that and still do at times.  It helps me to keep my mouth shut and watch the game more objectively.
 Having a husband, daughter and now son all putting on the stripes also helps me be more objective.
 I love track and field!  I loved competing and I loved coaching.  I even love watching.  Of course it is way more fun to watch when you have an athlete who really excels at a given event.
 Since I was a high jumper in high school, I had my two youngest children also become high jumpers.  They excelled as well.  It was even more fun as I was their coach for their entire career.
 I thought soccer would be something I would have to endure.  Once I understood more of the rules, it was more fun.  I did love watching my son play with his team.
 The state meet is a BIG event!  This year was so much fun with four athletes competing in five events.  These guys were so much fun.
 I enjoy watching the warm up routines of each of the athletes.  Some of them, including me, do the same thing prior to each attempt or race. 
 Erin competed in the state meet three years in a row.  She never made the podium, but I don't care.  She was there with the best of the best!
 Long and triple jumping weren't their favorites but I still enjoyed watching both of my children improve.  I loved watching Drew Payne.  He was so naturally gifted and figured things out and improved. 
 Being part of a team was just plain fun for me.  I still love being part of a team.  When I have the opportunity to play volleyball with some of the girls, I enjoy the experience to the fullest!
I love sport!  I love the Olympics!  I love the NCAA basketball tournament!  Professional sport isn't my cup of tea.  I am thankful for athletics!

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