Sunday, November 12, 2017

Day 12 - Nature

This world God created for us is wondrous.  I've seen such beautiful things that I could never have imagined could exist.
These are the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon.  They are amazing!  These red rock formations are incredible.
This isn't really about the mountain in this photo although they are something to see.  This is about the cloud formation.
Snow! I love the white blanket of fresh snow.  It seems to cover the sins of the world.
 Birds.  I have bird feeders outside my home in the winter.  I love to watch them.  This oriole was actually drinking from the hummingbird feeder.
 Strawberries.  Some as big as your palm.  That's Andrew's hand.  So beautiful and delicious.
 Water.  There are so many ways that the water can be beautiful.  Not only to drink and bathe in but just to watch the waves and hear them crash on the beach.  Also, sunsets.  The close of another day.
Erosion. Especially those things created by the water.  So unique.  This is on Lake Superior.
 Flowers.  This is my hibiscus plant.  The flowers are so vibrant and huge!  Some have fragrances that are so inviting.
 The seasons.  This is Door County in the Fall.
 The sunrise.  The sky is so beautiful in the morning.  The day is fresh and new with no mistakes in it.
Plants found in the ditches and anywhere they were not planted.  I love it.

This world is so very beautiful.  The creations are wonderful.  I'm glad I have such a place as this to live and that God created it for all of us to use and enjoy!

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