Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sesame Street Live

Several years ago, I took Tom to Sesame Street Live at the arena in Green Bay.  He loved it and has wanted to go back each year.  Unfortunately, it just didn't fit into our schedule.  This year, however, it fit easily.  
 I did the grandmotherly thing and brought Cami along as well.  She liked it enough, but was ready for it to be over as she was hungry and I wasn't spending arena prices on any kind of food.  Here they are waiting for the show to begin.  I think that was the longest part for Cami.  Tom is good at waiting.
 Last time the show didn't include all the favorite Sesame Street characters.  This time was different.  All the favorites were there.  Count von Count was there as well (his photo didn't want to load).  He's
Tom's favorite!

It was musical and entertaining, but you've got to love Sesame Street to love it.  Tom loved it!

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Luana said...

I loved Sesame Street when my kids were young. Now my grand daughter watches it and it seems so different than it did 30 years ago. is still fun!