Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Water Weekend

Last weekend, Sammi had to report to the council on her mission at 7:15am in Wausau.  I wasn't looking forward to getting up and being on the road so early in the morning.  Clint had the weekend off and both the Gourleys and us had a Groupon to be used at the Lodge at Cedar Creek in Wausau.  What a grand plan that was.  No getting up early and heading to Wausau since we were already there. 
I didn't get many great pictures, but I did get a few.  The boys are waiting for the "bucket" to dump while Cami just wanted to stand back and watch. 
 Adam enjoyed trying to shoot his sister with the water cannon.  She on the other hand enjoyed the slide.
I never did a waterpark when my children were this young.  It took all of us to make sure they were in sight.  I held Brock for much of the first round of play.
 Cami enjoying the slide once again.
We had an early dinner at El Mezcal.  It was yummy.  We did a little shopping and then headed back to the water for round two.  This time I got to get wet.
It was a fun time.  My husband never did get wet.  I've got one more Groupon to use at the same waterpark/hotel.  We'll do it sometime while Erin is home.  Making memories is what it's all about.

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