Monday, May 2, 2011

Track Season 2011

 The track season has officially begun. In fact, we've been at it for over a month. But with the rainy weather we've had, four meets have been canceled. We've only competed four times. Today we've got an invite in Iola. It will be a tough meet for a lot of our athletes. We should come home with a few medals though.

Andrew doesn't love the hurdles this year like he did last year.  He has great form which doesn't show on this particular photo, but he doesn't have the speed.  I'm thinking it'll come as he gets older and stronger.
 Andrew is carrying on the high jump tradition in our family.  He is pretty good at it as well.  If only I could keep the kid healthy.  He twisted his knee in phy ed class and missed competing in the first meet.  Then he twisted his ankle playing basketball and missed another. 
 Kelly is my star on the girl's side of the team.  I love her enthusiam.  She's a miler and pretty good at it as well.  She's also the only girl who knows how to triple jump.  If we ever get time, we need to have other girls learn the skill. It's not really that tough.
These two turkeys are our unofficial mascots of the team.  I believe Karen has been deflated, but Kevin makes his way to the meets.  He was even in our team photo.

This year started off much different than previous years.  I've always had a great group of athletes that I have a personal connection with.  Most of them are gone now due to graduation.  I don't have interaction with the Bowler kids except for these short months during the season so it becomes difficult to really connect on any other level than competition.
I've got some of my seminary students as athletes so that's helped.  Either way, I'm having fun.

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