Sunday, May 15, 2011

Conference Track Meet

 We had our conference track meet on Saturday in Rosholt.  I've been to a lot of cold, windy and/or rainy meets in my life, but never this miserable in the middle of May.  The whole season has been this way so why change now?  The weather couldn't dampen these guys as they took 3rd place in the 4x400 meter relay.
 The girls team only got to run one relay.  Due to an injury, the 4x400 is no longer running.  Then the 4x200 got disqualified for a false start.  The wet surface had Carli slipping as she held her "set" position.  I felt bad for her.  In years past, the coach would've been very upset.  I'm glad I've got a different perspective than he had.
 Our throwers did a great job.  Jordan got the best throw of the season.  Brittany got a pair of fourths which wasn't enough to get her on the podium, but made her happy.
 This group of guys also placed third.  There was a little controversy in the last meters of the race, of which the refs didn't see because they were busy visiting with one another and not watching.  These guys took third place over the next team by .01 seconds.  Now that's quite a feat!
These two make my heart full.  Taylor has worked so hard this year and he's doing really great, but he didn't come home with any of the top three spots in his events.  His times were great, just not great enough for him.  Kelly has always worked very hard.  She went out with an injury a week and a half ago and here she is, standing in the rain to support her team.  That's heart!

It's been a difficult season because of the weather.  Tomorrow is the last regular meet of the season before we have the regional meet.  I'm hoping for some good times, distances, heights.   I'm always glad when we get to this part of the season.  It means we're almost done and my life will get back to normal.

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