Sunday, October 13, 2013


Tom is our oldest son.  He has William's Syndrome.  He is 28 years old.  He has some great qualities and some quirks.  He is possessive of those things which belong to him.  He is also very happy and quite spiritual.  He loves music!  He can sing beautifully.  His diction isn't the best, but he can pick out a bass line and sing it perfectly.  In fact he loves to harmonize.
He has a quirk that no one in our family has been able to figure out.  He has a strong dislike for the word, NOW.  You read that right.  He gets very agitated when someone uses that word.  Before he got his new scriptures, I noticed that he changed the word "now" to "know" all through the books.  I've seen it in his music folder as well.  I'm not sure what he did when we sang, "Now Let Us Rejoice."  He will mumble through it or change it if we are reading scriptures and it is his turn to read.

I have wondered if it is because of the immediacy that it represents.  For instance, we have to do this now!  Well, he has no problem with the word "immediately" or the phrase "right away."  Now is a word that I use frequently.  (I was going to say now and then. hehe)  On Friday he and I were in Green Bay doing some shopping prior to his doctor appointment.  I looked at my watch and said, "we can do to the doctor now."  Wrong thing to say.  He quickly came behind me and poked me in the back.  Then I realized what I had said. 

I sure will be interested to find out in the next life why this is such a horrible, even vulgar, 4-letter word to him.  But for now, we love him and appreciate all the good things he does and the bright spot his is in our family.  Tom, we love you now and forever!

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