Tuesday, October 29, 2013

18 on the 18th

Andrew turned 18 on the 18th.  Yep, that's right.  His golden birthday.  Whatever that really means.  In honor of him, I'm posting a few (actually a lot) pictures of him throughout his life so far.  Enjoy.
He was born 5lbs 1/2 oz.  Here he is 1 week old.
 Apparently clean teeth are important even if you have to sit in the sink to do it.
 Sylvester was so patient with our children.
 All tuckered out.  Couldn't make it past the back door.
 He wasn't a "nuk" baby until about 6 months old.  Then it became his best friend.
 Four years old in his costume for the Nauvoo pageant.
 Three years old.
 One of my favorite pictures ever.  Love that he's oblivious to the camera.
 First grade with a very dark haired daddy.
 Second grade.
 A trip to door county.  I know his sisters will be grossed out by this photo.  He doesn't look a whole lot different now.  Just a bit more filled out.
 He helped out the bocce team one year by being part of the unified team.
 A sack of potatoes for Halloween.
 Kindergarten graduation with the other members of our church.
 Fishing at the lake with Maryellen.  He loves to fish but won't eat them.
 He's mister flexible.  Always has been.
 Not really a fan of being in the band but I love the low bass sound that our band needed.
 He finished all his paperwork and has submitted everything for his Eagle rank.
 A kite made with David Lau.  Pretty sure this was part of scouting too.
 Fashionable.  Just like the sisters.
 A show of support for breast cancer awareness month.
 Eighth grade recognition.
 Soccer this fall.
 A senior picture.
Andrew has been a light in my life.  His easy going personality and quick wit keep me on my toes.  He was the perfect child to be our last.  Such an easy baby considering the circumstances surrounding his birth.  He was the only child I scheduled with an induction.  (Doc was leaving town and wanted him delivered before he left.)  A blessing which I can never be thankful enough for.  My placenta quit working a few weeks before and he was starving.  The nurses informed me that another week until my due date would have resulted in a still birth. 
He is planning on a mission next year and I will miss him terribly but know that I will never be so proud of him as when he will serve the Lord full time. 
He's not an in your face type of person.  He's quiet about his good deeds and humble.  He serves without question and has really turned into a hard worker.  My Father in Heaven knew I needed him in my life and for that I am forever grateful!

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Sammi said...

You're right. Grossie about that one picture. And I forgot how ugly that old bathroom was. Yuck. What a cutie baby.