Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20 Years

It's been 20 years since these two were last together.  It makes me sad that they aren't together enjoying one another.  Twenty long years.  My kids were just little.  Andrew wasn't even born!  I was thin.  I miss our talks and especially her comments about the kids.  I imagine them and can even hear her voice.  This is not a milestone I wanted to commemorate. 

A few years ago when my grandma passed away, I mentioned to my husband that I was a bit envious of the reunion she and my mom were having.  I can only imagine how joyous it was.

 Mom was only 55 when she died so suddenly.  I am now 51.  That gives me a better perspective on just how young she really was.  I know I'm well into my middle age, but I still feel so young inside. 
Here's to you Mom.  Know that I'm thinking about you today and my heart is a little heavy because of missing you.  I love you Mom.

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