Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stake Prom

 Our stake has done a Stake Prom for the past three years and I love the idea.  The girls get to wear a fancy gown if they wish and no one has to worry about whether or not they have a date.  The biggest plus is there is no one dressed in some skimpy, hoochy looking strapless mini dress nor is there any girl with cleavage showing.   Unfortunately last night there were maybe a dozen young men at the dance.  One was a non-member brought by his girlfriend, so he didn't dance with anyone but her.  On the up side, the guys could dance with every girl in the place and never dance with the same one twice.  All in all, I think they had a lot of fun.  I even have evidence of Christian dancing.  I even witnessed him asking a girl to dance and I saw it more than once!

The previous two years, the meal that was served prior to the dancing was something very "fancy."  All the youth felt very uncomfortable and a lot of food got tossed in the garbage.  This year pizza and bread sticks were served.  I don't recall seeing any food in the garbage.  A good call by the stake youth committee.  Simple decorations with a "Stand in Holy Places" theme.  Temples on all the tables as a reminder to the youth what the ultimate goal really is. 

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Luana said...

That is such a great idea. I so miss the Gold and Green Balls, and the other dances the church had when I was younger. I love to dance and Evan is game as long as I don't go crazy on the floor! As his bad luck(although I think he thought of it as good luck!) would have it, I love to be crazy on the floor so I danced the majority of dances alongside my friends and their spouses rather than with Evan. And when their husbands got tired, we girls danced all by ourselves! SO much fun!