Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eighth Season

I cannot believe that this is my 8th season coaching track!  My plan is to finish out with Andrew and then call it quits.  He's a junior so that means this year and next.  Last year it was unbelievable warm and with the fact that we had so little snow, we were outside and on the track as soon as the season began.  This year, however, is much more normal with snow covering the track and some cold days.

The weather is colder than normal and so I'm having a difficult time sending the athletes out into the cold especially with wet roads and when its snowing, like yesterday.  Therefore, we utilize the stairs and the hallways as much as possible.  The kids ran a lot of stairs on Monday and yesterday they ran the hallways a lot and we also used the gym and weight room.  Today will be a twist on some favorite things but should be a hard workout as well.  Tomorrow will be a bit lighter and then they'll get hit hard again on Friday.

Building endurance, strength training and discipline are not necessarily easy to do especially inside.  I've got 15 boys and 9 girls on the team this year.  Our guys should be pretty competitive.  Some of our girls will do well too but they won't do as well team-wise since they don't have the numbers.

I always enjoy these kids and have a good time with them.  At times, I have to be the enforcer but that's part of the job.  I don't like making some of the tough decisions but that too is part of the job.

Our first meet is scheduled for March 26th.  I highly doubt we'll have that one as well as the one on April 1st.  This week is supposed to be below normal temps and next week as well.  I also heard there is snow coming AGAIN on the weekend.  It will probably be an abbreviated season.

Here's to getting someone back to the STATE competition!

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