Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

I've had some random thoughts last night and this morning and I thought I needed to write them down.  First of all, I love the changing seasons.  I just wish our winter would change to spring.  It is getting really hard to get my track team into proper condition when they can't run outside or practice field events.  I've only had two weeks of practice and already I'm going stir crazy trying to come up with new things for them to do.  I believe we may be able to have a meet sometime in the next month.  There's so much snow I can't even get to the shed(s) to get out the high jump mats.

Each month I get some free channels on my dish network.  This month it happens to be one of my favorites.  The game show network.  I love some of those old game shows.  This morning I heard a question on Card Sharks that went something like this.  "We asked 100 single women, while dating a man with wandering hands, how many women have told him 'take your filthy hands off of me.'"  The contestants gave some interesting reasons why they believed that would be a high number.  I wondered what that answer would be now.  Would that be a high number or a very low number.  I feel sad for all those out there who aren't taught about morality and keeping themselves clean. 

Last evening Sammi and I were discussing the topic of women and the priesthood.  She had read some random blog about how women of all ages were hoping that at some point the sisters in the church would hold the priesthood so they could be equal with the men.  EQUAL?  Are they for real?  First of all we each have our own roles and they are not equal.  They are DIFFERENT.  I LOVE being a woman and the role that I have to play.  I NEVER want to do the things my husband has to do with his calling.  I have enough to do without adding more to it. 

With all that said, the snow can melt anytime now and I won't be disappointed.  Please just melt slowly so I don't have a flood in my basement. 

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