Tuesday, April 26, 2016

School Board

Late last year my husband approached me and asked if I could support him if he ran for a position on the school board.  Of course I said "yes."  This man is a thinker.  He doesn't make decisions based on emotion.  He thinks things through and makes the best possible decision even if it isn't the popular thing.  
In March, Sammi especially, helped with creating a postcard to be sent to local voters.  She helped her dad create the following card.
I am running for a position on the Gresham School Board.  My wife and I, as well as all five of our children, have graduated from Gresham High School.  Our grandchildren are now enjoying the experience of attending this great school.  I have continued my educational pursuits with a degree in Business Management from Silver Lake College.  I have taken the opportunity to give back to this community over the years by being an EMT, a fireman with the Gresham fire department, Gresham POPS committee member, Scoutmaster, Junior Achievement instructor, and Junior High basketball coach, to name a few.
I have spent the last 28 years of my career working in the Facilities Management field and feel I can use these, and other skills, to keep the school moving in the right direction.  I would appreciate your support.
                                                      -Patrick Pleshek     Don’t forget to vote on April 5th!

The voters did in fact, come out in force on April 5th.  I am a new poll worker and saw and met people I've not seen in years or ever.  This election was our Wisconsin state primary.  Usually the decision has already been made by the time we get to vote.  Not this year.  That could've brought people to the polls but I'm guessing it was the referendum on the Gresham school building project that brought many out in force.

Pat was concerned that no one but his family and very closest friends would vote for him.  Was he wrong!  309 people thought he would be a good person to sit on the school board.  By the way, that's a lot of votes!  I never thought for a moment that he wouldn't be elected.  But then, I see things in him that he doesn't recognize in himself.
 On April 18th, he along with Jeff Hoffman and Alphia Creapeau, was sworn in as a board member.  Since then he has been busy looking through the policy handbook (a binder which is about 3" thick).  He's also gone to a new school board member training.  He said he learned a lot and asked a lot of questions.  Can you imagine that?  Pat Pleshek asking questions?

I am incredibly proud of this man for his desire to once again serve this Gresham community.  As evidenced in his postcard, he has given a lot of service to this community and so it continues.

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