Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Tree Continued

Several years ago I blogged about this MacIntosh apple tree on our lower lawn.  I loved this tree as a kid because it was the best for climbing.  My dad pruned it and cut it back so we could actually use the apples and reach them.  It broke my heart to see my beloved tree all cut up.
The years have taken their toll on this once beautiful tree.  It is all hollow and decaying.  Still, it
produces apples.
Last Fall we made the decision that in the Spring it would have to come down.  Even though it produces a few apples, those apples don't seem to be worth the effort of mowing around and under the few branches.  On Saturday Pat took my beloved, old tree down.  Jeff then filled in the hole where it stood with sod.
My lawn looks empty now.  Looking at it one would never know that there used to be a tree there.  The remnants are sitting on a pile waiting to be hauled away.  Time to buy a new tree.

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