Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Ward!

 After I graduated from high school, I went to college at the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point.  I found myself as part of the Stevens Point Branch.  There were a lot of nice people there whom I grew to love.  We met in the little building with the Multi-purpose room being our chapel.  My first year there, we had both the curtains open as to accommodate all who attended.

By the second year, both curtains were closed as 12 families had moved out.  Another had moved in, but we were a small branch.  Over the years the population of the branch was up and down as people moved in and back out.

Two years ago, this once tiny branch was able to move into their new building.  They had enough people in attendance to build on an actual chapel.  It is gorgeous!  Last year, they were invited to do all in their power to get their membership to the acceptable level in order to be made a ward.
On January 4th, I was able to witness that miracle.  Cade Spaulding is the first bishop of the Stevens Point Ward.
While I was there and had my camera available, Brad Kildow asked that we have a photo of all the gentlemen who once served as the Branch President/Bishop of the branch/ward.
Here they are.  Bishop Spaulding, David Siebert, Sterling Wall, Brad Kildow, Brian Martz and Theron Gardner.  Fred Stublaski would also be in this photo if he were still with us.  I believe he would be on either the left or right of Brian.

It was a wonderful day.  I  am very blessed to have witnessed this miracle.

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