Friday, September 6, 2013

More Than Ever

 In April 1993 there was a fire at the chip mill in Tilleda.  My dad lost one of his mills.  My mom wrote in her journal that when he prayed that night, there was nothing but thankfulness and nothing of his misfortune.  She wrote, "I never loved him more."  I believe I know exactly how she felt.

I recognize that my husband loves me more than life itself.  His goal in life is to provide for our family and be the best husband and father that he can possibly be.  So, I dedicate this post to him.
He's such a hard worker.
 He loves to play with the grandchildren.  We had so much fun smashing the cattails on the road.
 He provides opportunities for our children to work and goes the extra mile so we can have extra things.
 He's appreciative of all the gifts we give.  He has an infectious laugh.
Excuse the expression on my face.  I was trying hard not to laugh.  It didn't work.
I love the opportunity I've had to spend the last 30+ years married to my best friend. I look forward to many, many more.  Words cannot express what I feel in my heart.  He is my sweetheart, my rock, my everything.  I thank my Father in Heaven often for blessing me with the perfect man for me.

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Luana said...

Very sweet! You two are the perfect match!