Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Wait is Always Worth it

Sometimes things happen in our lives that we have no control over.  A flood of emotions follows whether they be happy, sad, frustration or anger.  That's the only part we do have control we're going to react. 

Sometimes we worry about our loved ones. About the decisions they've made or the path they're following.  We again have no control except to pray and fast for them and continually love them. 

Sometimes we have a spiritual confirmation that everything will be alright in the end.  I've had that experience more than once and it is a HUGE comfort. 

Let me say that by keeping our faith in the Lord and trusting that everything will be alright takes a lot of patience and more often than not, a lot of our time; perhaps even years.

Then there are the times when we can be happy because our loved ones are making good choices. We continue to pray for them and love them as well just because we want them to continue making good choices.

The Lord is in control, of this I'm sure.  He hears and answers prayers.  The wait to have those prayers answered is always worth it.


Mont and Dawna said...

I love this post and what a joyful message it is!

mom2_7 BRADYS said...

DITTO to Mont & Dawna's comments.
Thanks for expressing this so well.
Gotta Keep on "Fasting & Praying".