Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a very nice Christmas together as a family. We began our Christmas eve day by going to see the Live Nativity in Shawano. Several members of my family were participating. Pat was an animal handler. He led the donkey and the little pony who is the donkey's best friend and won't go anywhere without him. Timmy had a sheep. I think he's happy he wasn't the camel handler as he was kicked by the camel. It took him down but he wasn't injured. That nasty camel also sneezed all over Susie. Was it funny? Sure. But she felt like she needed a shower.

Afterward we came back to our house and had food and family time. It's been such a long time since my family has been together. We all live such busy lives.

Christmas day brought breakfast, gifts, smiles and some hugs and thank yous. It also brought Sammi into our home via Skype. What a miracle that is. She looks so beautiful and happy. She will be home as early as May 3rd, but may extend until June 14th. We'll see what she decides.
Since I do the bulk of the Christmas shopping, I get to be Santa. The children open gifts from one another on Christmas eve. Clint had to work, so he came and opened his before he went on shift.
Christmas morning brought some tired folks to the livingroom. Erin got the coat she asked for already last year. I couldn't find one in her size last year, but I found it this year!
Andrew has been begging for a portable DVD player for a year now. I found one on black Friday and bought it. He was so excited and happy that he came later in the day and hugged me and told me thank you and that he loved me. Was it worth buying? You bet it was!
Tom is always easy to buy for. He loves everything he gets. He got Mariocart which not only excited him but his siblings as well. He also got this Elmo shirt from his dad. Elmo just happens to be Adam's favorite Sesame Street character. Needless to say, Adam was quite intrigued by Tom's shirt. Tom even let him get close to enough to touch Elmo.
We had a great time together. Everyone got exactly what they wanted whether they ever expected it or not. It was a wonderful time to be together but even more wonderful to celebrate the birth of our Savior by reading the story in Luke 2. I love Christmas!

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Mont and Dawna said...

Ahhh that must have been so cool to see and talk to Sammi even if just on the computer. She IS beautiful! I am so SO happy she decided to serve a mission. What a wonderful time of year, the giving and the thankfulness. You have such a great family Heidi, I know you know that but really I just love the feelings I had while I read this post, it almost felt like I was right there in your home again. I do miss that!
Now what did you get? I hope this year is an extra special one for you and the family. I'm sure with another new baby and Sammi coming home it is sure to be a marvellous year all around :) Have Fun!