Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Weekend Away

My sweetie and I try to get out of the stake twice each year so we can sit together as we attend church. My birthday is supposed to be one of those weekends, but this year I asked that we change it to the weekend following stake conference. This worked out really well as there was no school because of the teacher's convention.

On Thursday we attended the temple and then on Friday we headed to Sturgeon Bay. We worked from 10am - 3pm on trimming trees and hauling away the branches as well as raking the pine needles. We then checked into our condo and spent a very relaxing evening together. We were invited to the Sturgeon Bay Branch fall festival, but just didn't feel like it.

Today we had a leisurely morning and yummy breakfast. We went shopping and came home with some Woodwick candles. This afternoon we'll be heading to Fish Creek for their pumpkin walk.

Tomorrow we'll visit the Sturgeon Bay Branch where we'll both give talks and then spend a little time with the Robertsons before going back home and going back to the real world. I love time away with my husband. The above picture is the view of the sunset from our condo window.

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