Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Condo Life

Sunday night my husband and I went to Sturgeon Bay and rented a condo for 2 days. We spend some of our time working at the building there on Monday, but otherwise we just visited, watched movies, ate and relaxed. Each time we go to Door county I end up buying another scented candle. I have a few which I love, but was looking for another with a different scent. I discovered a few years ago WoodWick candles. They are exactly what they say. The wick is made of wood and it crackles like a campfire. So relaxing. I bought another one with a "fir" scent. It smells like Christmas trees. Better yet, it was on clearance and I didn't have to pay the full price. We had such a wonderful, relaxing time together. I suggest if you can afford it, get away from the children once in a while just to rejuvinate your marital relationship. It's way better than just a date night.

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