Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 75th

Today is my dad's 75th birthday.  As long as I can remember I never thought of him as old.  I recall the day Elvis died and made the comment about him being "old."  My parents were in shock at that comment as he was only a few years older than they were.  Somehow, they were never old. 
When I see my daddy these days, this isn't the image that comes to mind, but I do remember the day we took this picture.  We all had pictures taken before going to church.  Mine was hideous.
 The day our family began.  Dad was probably all of 140 pounds.  He sure wasn't a very big guy.
 This was taken the day of Tony's farewell at Shawano.  This is one picture where I can see how much I look like him.
 Dad and Uncle Jerry.  They were married in a double ceremony by Jerry's father Reverend Bents.  It seemed like they did a lot of stuff together even though we lived in Gresham and the Bents family lived in Madison.
 This was taken when my dad was the Wausau District President.  At his side are two of his my loyal and faithful friends; his counselors Jerry Maass and Tom Growcock.  Each of them also served as the district president and later Tom was the first Wausau Stake President.  Tragically, both died much too soon from cancer.
 Just a photo from a trip to the West.  I'm thinking it was overlooking the Grand Canyon.
 A very special day in September 2011.  A day my dad came back to the fold of Christ.  It still makes me a bit misty to think about the long journey back.
 Our wedding day in January 1983.  My parents had three of us get married within 18 months. 
 I'm not really certain, but I think this was a cousin's wedding.  This is how I like to remember my parents together.  Happy!
 The one and only family picture we had taken.  I was 19.  It was just after first grandchild, Alison was born.
 I believe 1972.  It was a trip to Salt Lake City while Dad was the Branch President.  He and 1st counselor, Wayne Jeske went to request new pews for the old chapel.
 The one and only professional photo I recall my parents ever have taken.  We had a family photo taken the same day.  It was at the old Penney's store on Main street in Shawano.  The year was 1986.
My parents with Adam Robertson just before he left for his mission.  Taken in the old Marinette chapel.

My dad has always been my hero.  In my eyes he was the best man that I could ever imagine.  He never got angry and never disciplined us. (That fell to Mom.)  I recall one time the car wouldn't start and he taught me how to jump it.  When the car was started, I closed the hood and somehow killed the battery for good.  He didn't get angry.  He just said, "Let's go inside and eat some lunch."  He's always been a level headed, kind, generous, loving man.  I'm very thankful that I was lucky enough to have him be my daddy.

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