Friday, January 11, 2013

30 Years

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary.  The weather that day was pretty much like it is today.  Cool and wet but not frigid; kind of overcast and gloomy.  However, the wonderful family and friends we had with us that day in Washington D.C. were anything but gloomy.  It was a good day.

Today was a good day as well.  We went to Green Bay and ate at Red Robin. YUM!  Then off to the mall to buy me a new dress.  I got one.  We stopped at Jos. A Bank and scored a suit for Pat for $30!

In honor of our 30 years together, I am attempting to give 30 things that I love about my sweetie.
1.  He loves me unconditionally despite my weaknesses.
2.  He's supportive of all that I do.
3.  He wants to be with me always.
4.  He doesn't mind the excess weight that I carry.
5.  He's offended if I leave the house without kissing him.
6.  The insanely crazy noises he makes to get our babies/grandbaby's attention.
7.  He loves to shower me with gifts.
8.  He brings me flowers randomly.
9.  He likes me to wear one of the rings he's given me even though I remind him that the wedding band never comes off.
10. We created a beautiful family together.
11. There are never enough "getaways" with just the two of us.  (There really are.)
12. He looks at me as though I'm the most beautiful creature under the sun.
13. He's got great taste in clothing and buys some wonderful pieces for me to wear.
14. He thinks I actually look good in a swimsuit.  (It must be love.)
15. He likes to hold my hand.
16. The fact that he loves our house.  I'm talking about not only the home, but the physical structure.
17. The insights he receives from the scriptures and shares with me.
18. The fact that he asks for my opinion when he needs a level head.
19. He loves the Lord and serves in whatever way he is asked.
20. He takes me to the temple every month.
21. He loves and cares about other people.
22. He talks to our children about important things.
23. He's really handy and can fix a lot of things.
24. He likes to snuggle and talk with me in the morning before we get up.
25. He surprises me with personal gifts like our portrait of the Washington temple.
26. He listens to me. (Most of the time.)
27. He makes me a better person by challenging me.
28. He's a wonderful father.
29. He made it possible for all of us to Face Time with one another.
30. He believes anything is possible with the Lord.

It's a wonderful thing to spend my life with my one true love.  (I know I sound gaggy, but it is true.)  I've been blessed beyond measure by being married to Patrick.  I wish for my children to have a marriage like mine.  I always wanted one like my parents and I believe I found it.  I look forward to many more years with him and then on to eternity!

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Luana said...

Wonderful tribute Heidi, and sounds like a wonderful wonderful marriage! You two are so cute together. I was surprised not to see anything about the motorcycle though.