Friday, July 8, 2011

Home Again with Plans in Hand

Sammi has always had the idea that she'd like to get married on June 27th.  Well, that's not going to happen.  It is interesting that on 1:05am on June 27th, she decided that she was going to get married.  Here's the scrawl she left on the bathroom mirror.
It says, "Pretty sure I'm going to marry Jeff Fillmore!  Just so you know."  Now we all know.  Sammi and I made a roadtrip to Muscatine to see Jeff over the last two days.  They are so great together.  What a great man we will add to our family!  We went out and took pictures yesterday in the heat and humidity.  I think they turned out pretty good considering they were melting in the heat.
 Vonnie (Jeff's mom) and I took lots of pictures.  Some were posed and many were candids.  This was a candid.  It appears he's talking to her about something important.
 Her eyes are mostly closed, but this was pretty much how we saw them all afternoon and evening on Thursday.  Huge smiles and lots of laughter.
 I like the tender way he treats her.
 Except for the very bright sun, I love this photo.  They're just so comfortable together.
 She appears to be taken off guard by something very serious he said.  Or he's just really taking in whatever she has to say.  Another candid.
This too is candid.  He brushed her hair out of her face.  A really tender gesture.

So the final question is....Are they engaged?  Well, not officially until he comes to Gresham next week and talks to Sammi's dad.  Is a wedding date set?  Yes it is. 


Sue said...

Wow!! Lots to look forward to. They really are beautiful together!

Carolyn Jefferson said...

I'm so happy for Sammi! She has always been special to my heart! I am thrilled that she has found the one that makes her heart sing!

Luana said...

Those are great pictures. Looks like she found a real cutie!

momtoo3cutegirlz said...

congratulations to all of you, esp. sammi :)