Friday, February 18, 2011


I had an interesting conversation with Erin this week. We talked about the power of electricity. Isn't it interesting that we take for granted the power we possess in turning on a light switch. At our whim we can turn the lights on or off. But, if for some reason the power supply is compromised, we are helpless to make the lights come on by flipping that switch. Suddenly we have no power.

As I was teaching a seminary lesson this week, we talked about different types of power. We decided electricity, generators, motors and batteries all were sources of power. I spoke to the youth about the power of heaven that comes to us as we enter the sacred walls of the temple and receive all that our Father has for us. As we hold a temple recommend, we have that power available to us. We can turn on the power and use it as necessary. But, if we fail to qualify for a recommend, we are helpless as to calling down the powers of heaven.
As for me, I possess a recommend and plan to for all my life. I need the powers of heaven in my life daily. I need to access them on a regular basis. I bore my witness of the strength that comes as we "turn on" those powers with which we are bestowed in the temple. What a great lesson it was for me personally. Thank you Erin for having a seemingly meaningless conversation with me. There was much power in your words and they've helped my understanding immensely!

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Megan said...

Thank you for sharing your seminary lesson. Power. Calling the power of heaven down to us. I needed this little reminder. Thank you.