Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Night Away

Yesterday my sweetie and I ventured south for some time away that was totally job related. I drove a pick-up truck to Milwaukee for another church employee who had his totaled in a tornado on Monday night. We had lunch with the Barretts which was absolutely delightful. On the way to Milwaukee I got pulled over for speeding through Kiel. Fortunately I had an officer who took pity on me as I just told him I was trying to keep up with my husband. He let me go and told me to slow down and not speed through Kiel or I'd be toast.
After lunch we headed south to Chicago to go to the temple. A very small session, but so nice to be in the temple. We stayed overnight in a place where each "room" is it's own building. As I looked through the brochure I was amazed to see some of the suites had their own private swimming pools within their rooms. We had a hot tub and a fireplace in ours. Interesting that there was an emergency switch on the wall if you needed the police/ambulance, but no phone in the room. We had ice cream at Baskin Robbins which is always yummy.

This morning we headed to Rockford for a meeting with HR for the custodians to take an outplacement package from the church as all custodial positions are being eliminated. No fears here as the mechanical positions are NOT being eliminated. In fact the HR representative told us he hoped Pat wasn't taking the outplacement package.

Now we're driving to Wisconsin Rapids to check on the youth at youth conference before we head home to celebrate Tom's birthday. Even though the two days were filled with work-related events, we got to spend the time together which is always wonderful. The longer I'm married to my wonderful husband, the more I love him. I believe that's the way it is supposed to be.

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BrandonandJeana said...

It is suppose to be that way! I love it!