Sunday, February 15, 2015

What I See

Andrew has been serving in the mission field for six months already.  Actually, it is almost seven. His letters are always very short but I'm glad to get them.  In the beginning I wasn't sure that he was "getting it."  But lately, I've felt him becoming a man with a strong testimony.  I know that he loves what he's doing.  This is just what I hoped for him.
He still has the same silliness he always had so I know that my kid is still in there.  After all, he's only 19.  I was thinking about him on Friday and what he would be doing if he were home.  I am so grateful that he is serving the Lord.  I recognized that our relationship will never be the same as it was before he left.  It will be better!
I feel so very blessed to have this man as my son.  I'm also very happy that I've seen the maturity that he's gained.  I'm not going to say there's not that randomness that makes me laugh and shake my head but I will say that I have seen him grow very much in the last months.

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