Monday, July 22, 2013

Tom's Birthday

 Tom celebrated his 28th birthday on June 24th.  Our bishop/neighbor celebrates his on the same day.  We had decided that a kickball game was in order for the festivity.  We invited some people and
away we went.  It was a good time as always.  Cake and ice cream followed.  Clare made this incredible cake that was the American flag when you cut into it.  It was impressive to say the least!
Olivia and her daddy Jason.
Weston kicking that ball hard.
 Clare got into the act as well.
 Tom doesn't appear to be watching the action.
 Brady giving it a good swift boot.
Hannah not being outdone by any boys.
This seems to be an annual event.  As long as Tom wants to do it, we will keep on keeping on.

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