Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our family gathers on Christmas Eve to snack, visit read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and open the "exchange" gifts.  We had to wait as Clint didn't get off of work until 8pm.  Earlier in the day, Pat, Jeff, Tom, Erin, Andrew, Cami and I went out and did some caroling.  Sammi and Clare stayed back with their babies. 

We ate corn chowder and cheese and Clare made other snacks.  It was a good time.  I always enjoy watching my children open their gifts from one another.  They all got nice things from one another.

Christmas morning was pretty lazy.  Evelyn was up early.  She gave her parents a very nice gift in sleeping all night long.  Clint was on shift but since it was Christmas he was allowed to spend most of his day with us.  He had to leave when he got a call, but otherwise he was able to be with us.

Pat and I surprised our kids with some pretty exciting gifts.  Andrew got a moped.  It's an old machine.  I believe a 1986 model.  He loves it!  Clint got a wheelbarrow.  Now I can keep mine at home.  Jeff got some dress Crocs which he loves.  Tom got classic Sesame Street which he had his eye on for some time. The girls each got an ipad.  Lots of screams and jubilation.  Now we can all keep in better touch via Face Time.  It's so much better than Skype. 

I got Pat a new white shirt and a movie he requested and some decorative tiles for his office.  One says "Relax and go to the temple" and the other says, "Flood the Stake with the Book of Mormon."  I got the reaction I was after.  He got me some new pajamas and a dress as well as a necklace and earring combo and another necklace.  A wonderful day to be together as a family.

My dad joined us for our noon meal and stayed for quite some time.  I gave him his usual box of mints and of course another year of making bread for him.  I also gave him a letter expressing my love for him.  I'm so glad he joined us.

The Fillmores are leaving tomorrow so I've taken some time today to play and snuggle with little Evie since I'm feeling better.  Sammi, Jeff and I as well as the Gourley children have all taken our turn having this wonderful flu/cold.  I'm ready for my health to return.

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