Friday, June 24, 2011

Youth Conference 2011

 A quick update about what's happening at the youth conference in Nauvoo.  Wednesday night we went to Sunset on the Mississippi which really isn't on the river anymore.  Vocal Point followed.  They're awesome!
Yesterday we did the handcart trek.  Cheryl was the only one with a camera.  I wore my Nauvoo costume and Pat and I acted out a scene from a book where we had to bury a baby who died on the trail. 
I believe we did a good, convincing job and it worked.
 We let the youth tour in the afternoon and then went to see High Hopes and Riverboats.  Elder Packard plays Eli, a young boy, and he stole every scene he was in.  This guy served his mission in Washington Kennewick with Sammi.  What a small world.
 The members of my ward may recognize Elder Christensen.  He is also here for the summer working as a performing missionary.  It was fun to see him again as well.
 This morning, very early, we were at the temple.  Here's Tif on the steps of the temple.  I stayed outside with the 14 who didn't have recommends. 
 What a beautiful structure.  Even more beautiful when you understands what goes on inside.
The kids are/were off to Carthage today.  When they get back we're having our testimony meeting.  It should be awesome.  Then tonight another dance and perhaps some of the youth going back to see Vocal Point one more time.

Tom and Sammi are with us.  The entire Pleshek family is on dish duty.  We're helping the cooks by washing all the dishes.  It's fun.  Tom's birthday is today and Hiedi got him a small birthday cake.  The youth sang to him and he was typical Tom.   He so enjoyed it.  Wish my camera was with me but the batteries are being charged. 

Sam?  She's off somewhere with Jeff Fillmore today.  I know they're having a good time.  One of my friends, Teri, looked at the two of them and asked, "Is this a date?"  Jeff nodded and said it was.  I wait patiently for her return so I can get all the fun details of her day. 

Lots yet to do today, but right now a short nap sounds wonderful, even Heavenly!

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Luana said...

That looks like such a great trip. I LOVE the Nauvoo temple!