Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nauvoo Trip 2010

Early Monday morning, 5am to be exact, we loaded up the truck and headed off to Nauvoo. I haven't been there for two years so I was especially excited to go once again. We took Cami along as she is always talking about "Auvoo." She insisted she have her picture taken with her babies.

The reason we planned the trip at the time we did was that Roland and Christi were getting married. I spent some time with them on Tuesday morning taking photos. I took more on Wednesday after the wedding.

It was a very hot and sticky time. The temps were in the 90's both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was a bit cooler with the sun hidden for part of the day and the breeze blowing.

We saw several shows. The BYU international folk dancers were there so we watched their show on Monday night. We

saw High Hopes and River Boats as well. That show has changed so much since we first saw it. I enjoyed it none the less.

Erin and Pat spent some time in the temple on Tuesday morning. We went to see Just Plain Anna Amanda in the Cultural Hall. It's a show designed for children so they get to sit in the first two rows. Cami enjoyed that.

We went later in the day to see Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. I LOVE that film. I still get teary even though I know how it ends.

Cami loved the statue garden and had to have her picture taken with most of the statues. I especially loved this picture as she hugged the "little brother."

She got her own personal picture of the Savior to bring home with her. She would've liked to climb on the Christus but obviously we didn't let her.

We had dinner with the Fuller/Jefferson clan on Tuesday night. During which a storm came through and dumped about an inch of rain on us and cooled things down at least 20 degrees. That was wonderful!!!

Wednesday morning Pat and I headed to the temple. I had some thoughts on a particular scripture passage I've been studying, expanded as never before. It was so wonderful. I told Pat, even if I didn't do anything in the temple, it was worth going to receive that wonderful personal revelation.

As always, our trip was way too short and we had to come home before we got to do and see everything we would have liked to. Either way, we'll be back. I love Nauvoo and the special Spirit that is there. Next summer's youth conference is highly anticipated by one who has the opportunity to be the on-site coordinator.

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